Oops: The Mexican Army “Lost” 30% of the Weapons Sold to It

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Well, after Team Biden and our Afghan “allies” abandoned billions of dollars worth of military equipment to one of our country’s long-time enemies, the Taliban, it turns out that one of our other “allies” couldn’t keep its hands on the military equipment sold to it.

That ally is Mexico, which reportedly lost about 30% of the American weapons sold to it.

That report comes from El Universal’s reporter Carlos Loret de Mola, who, in a recent article, exposed the massive malfeasance of the Mexican Army. In the article, he said (according to the English translation of the original, Spanish language article):

For several months, the Mexican Foreign Ministry has led a fiery struggle to demand from the United States the massive arms trafficking to our country. In this dispute, the Mexican government has hidden a central fact. He has done it to protect the Army, the institution that is the backbone of the López Obrador administration .

According to official sources, 30% of the weapons purchased in the United States by the Secretary of National Defense “are lost.”

That’s important because the Mexican Army is the one organization legally allowed to import weapons into the country. Its loss of a massive number of weapons, along with many of them turning up in crime scenes, means that either corruption or utter incompetence have led the Mexican Army to effectively hand over a massive number of small arms to Mexico’s bloodthirsty gangs and cartels.

The likely explanation, as many who have watched the drug war might guess, is that corruption is to blame, not mistakes and incompetence. As Breitbart reported, corruption is endemic to the Mexican military:

The new allegations come at a time when Mexico’s military is plagued by scandals. State authorities in Oaxaca arrested a former general who was a candidate for secretary of defense on extortion charges in December.

Also in December, Canadian authorities arrested General Eduardo Leon Trauwitz on an extradition warrant from Mexico over his alleged role in the widespread theft of fuel, CBC reported.

Adding credence to the corruption claim is the fact that, as de Mola reports, the Mexican government is attempting to cover up and quash any investigation into where the “missing” weapons went and which ones were used in crimes:

the AMLO government refuses to make the list of weapons insured in criminal acts transparent and has rejected several requests for information in this regard. It does so to protect the Army, because it would be shown as jointly responsible for the weapons brought from the United States circulating through the country and spilling Mexican blood.

So, though the US is often blamed for its lax gun laws allowing weapons to flow into Mexico, de Mola’s report makes it readily apparent that the corrupt Mexican Army is really to blame.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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