Over 65% of Americans Oppose a Return to “Remote Learning”

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During the Covid pandemic, students have been kept out of schools for incredibly long stretches of time, often thanks to the lazy members of teacher’s unions preferring a life of (even more) ease to one of doing what they’re paid to do and teaching students.

But, though parents might have initially been tolerant of, if not supportive of, those “remote learning” policies, they’ve quickly grown frustrated with lazy teachers being paid thousands of dollars every month to not do their jobs.

Now, with the same unions and lazy teachers using “Omicron” as an excuse to push “remote learning” yet again, parents are furious and quite unsupportive of such plans.

In fact, according to a recent USA Today poll, 65.5% of Americans oppose yet another return to “remote learning.”

What’s unclear, however, is if that’s because they’re against policies that would send students home yet again, against further Covid policies generally, or some mix thereof.

For example, the poll also found that over 72% of Americans are against “A worldwide shutdown for 6 weeks to end the pandemic once and for all.

Similarly, it found that 52.9% opposed requiring booster vaccination within the next 90 days in public spaces and 54.5% are against vaccine passports for public spaces.

So, with those results in mind, perhaps resistance to further, strict Covid policies generally is boosting America’s resistance to another bout of “remote learning.”

However, there are other explanations too, the most obvious of which is that only the “remote” part of “remote learning” is accurate; students are learning far, far less on Zoom than they would in person and it’s starting to show.

Further, parents want their kids out of the house and at school where they can meet people and make friends, play sports, and generally learn how to interact with others. All of that’s lost when school is done online to appease the lazy Karens in the teacher unions.

Whatever the cause of the resistance, what’s obvious is that parents are done with “remote learning.” They want their kids to go to school and learn, not remain cooped up at home trying to learn off a laptop.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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