Pelosi’s Staff are Fleeing Thanks to Rumors of Her Exit

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With it becoming more and more likely that stock-trading, real estate investing Nancy Pelosi is getting ready to quit for good, reports are circulating that her staff is fleeing, trying to get off the sinking ship and find a new job before it sinks for good.

For example, according to Breitbart,[t]he executive director of Nancy Pelosi for Congress, Jorge Aguilar, is the latest person to leave Pelosi’s side after being with her for roughly a decade. Aguilar will move to theGroup, a strategy and communications firm.”

Breitbart adds that his leaving is likely a sign that Pelosi is retiring, as the departure of staff and aides is often taken as a sign that the politician is retiring.

And while Aguilar, an aide who has worked with Pelosi for a decade, including as the head of her reelection campaign, is the most recent to ditch Pelosi’s ship, he’s far from the only one to do so.

According to Politico, the staff departure problem has spiked and gotten so bad that it’s now double what it was last year and places her office in the 90th percentile in terms of turnover:

[Aguilar’s departure] was the latest in a string of recent departures from Pelosi land that have pushed the speaker into the 90th percentile for highest House turnover, according to LegiStorm data.

Pelosi’s staff churn has been relatively stable over the years, tracking closely with the average among congressional offices. But according to LegiStorm, turnover in the speaker’s office skyrocketed in 2021, a trend that tracked with anticipation that this will be her final term. Per LegiStorm’s data, her office ranked 42nd out of 439 House offices for turnover, and her turnover index rate was .69, almost double the average .38 turnover for offices overall last year. (Check out the chart below.)”

However, Politico adds that Pelosi’s office has downplayed the turnover rate, citing such problems as the pandemic and January 6th as the reason for the spike in turnover.

Still, her office’s turnover rate was exceptional and is likely an indication that she’s ready to retire. Otherwise, longtime aides and staffers likely wouldn’t be departing, especially in such high numbers.

If she does leave, Pelosi will add to the growing list (now 24) of Democrat House members that are retiring rather than face reelection campaigns in 2022.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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