Rasmussen Polls: What Do Parents Want from the School System

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What do parents think of the current school system? It can be hard to tell.

On one hand, many on and offline cheer teachers, calling them “heroes” and praising them for educating the youth.

On the other hand, as awareness of the CRT issue has spread like wildfire, many now view teachers and the school system with apprehension, worrying about what dangerous ideas leftist teachers might foist onto the labile minds of the youth.

Fortunately, Rasmussen did an excellent series of polls to determine what exactly parents want from the school system. What it found should be common sense, but will likely come as a surprise to leftists.

Most importantly, perhaps, is the fact that81% [of those polled] believe public schools should teach that America was founded on the ideals of freedom, equality, and self-governance.” While leftist teachers might want to claim America is evil and founded on slavery, Americans are far from on board with that agenda.

In fact, when asked if schools should teach that “ America was founded on racism, slavery, and white supremacy,” only 42% of those polled said yes, with 44% saying no.

While that result is still far too close, as America obviously wasn’t founded on “white supremacy” and thus the idea that it was shouldn’t be taught, at least the majority of parents are still against teaching such nonsense.

More positively is the result that 64% of those polled believe that schools should teach “that the United States is a force for good in the world.”  Only 15% disagreed.

Overall, those results show what should be common sense; the majority of Americans want their children to learn that America is, despite its flaws, a great nation founded on noble ideals, not some evil nation founded by detestable men.

On a similar note, another Rasmussen poll found what should be another common-sense result; parents want to be involved in forming the curriculum their children are learning.

Specifically, it found that 71% “of voters believe parents should play a significant role in the curriculum development process” and 85% believe that “parents should be allowed to see all curriculum, books, and other materials in classes their children are taking.”

None of those results should be shocking, but they do cut against the modern grain; as much as Democrats might claim that parents shouldn’t have a role in determining what their kids are taught, it’s obvious that parents want to play a role and have a definite idea of what their kids should learn.

As the Virginia election showed, parents want to play a role and want their kids to learn the positive truth about America, not negative lies spewed by radical leftists. It’s time for schools and teachers to wake up to that fact.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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