Rep. Donalds Demolishes Crazy Maxine Waters after She Says Manchin, Sinema Don’t Care about Black People


Turns out, Rep. Clyburn, the guy that said Trump is a domestic enemy and that those who don’t support the Build Back Better bill are supporting autocracy, isn’t the only far-left Democrat pushing insanity through interviews on leftist “news” outlets.

Crazy Maxine Water is another; she took to MSNBC (there’s a surprise) to declare that Manchin and Sinema, both of whom stand opposed to nuking the filibuster and some parts of Brandon’s agenda, “don’t care about black people.”

While speaking to MSNBC about Manchin and Sinema refusing to back nuking the filibuster, Maxine had this to say:

We have two Democrats, Manchin and Sinema, and they are holding up the Democratic agenda. They have decided that they are going to stick with support of the filibuster, and they don’t care whether or not they undermine the rights of minorities and blacks in this country.

You know, blacks have fought very hard to make this a stronger democracy. We have worked hard for equal rights, for civil rights and voting rights, and these two are basically saying to us they don’t care. They don’t care about us. They don’t care what it means to weaken the ability to participate in this democracy.

It’s not what Democrats need to do. We’re doing everything that can be done. It’s what Republicans need to do.

Why is it we don’t have one Republican, not one that will stand up for the voting rights for people in this country? And so I hear a lot of talk about our president. He’s fighting as hard as he can.

I don’t know why people think that he can make Manchin and make Sinema do what is right. They have sent the signal. They have been clear about it. They don’t care about minorities. They don’t care about Blacks. They don’t care about people in their own districts who they’re going to deny their voting rights and undermine their voting rights.”

Her statement was as patently false and utterly absurd as it was full of poor grammar.

Fortunately, Rep. Donalds, a Republican from Florida, was quick to demolish her for making such an asinine assertion. Appearing on “Fox and Friends” on Monday, Rep. Donalds had this to say about Crazy Maxine’s ridulous comments:

I just think it is completely outrageous. It is not based on facts. The reality is what she and what the Democrats want to pass by breaking the filibuster, something by the way that they have defended every single year that the Senate has been in existence up until right now, what they want to do is just basically have the federal government take over all elections in the United States.

So if you think that is the Democrat agenda and that’s supposed to be good for all Americans, I completely disagree with you.

And I think that Senator Manchin and Senator Sinema are doing the right thing by maintaining the filibuster because its purpose is to protect the minority voices in the United States Senate. We are not a pure democracy. We are a constitutional republic. The filibuster is one of the mechanisms that helps to maintain the republic.”

Agreed. Rep. Donalds hit the nail on the head; supporting the filibuster isn’t a declaration of racism, it’s a defense of the republic.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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