Senator Marshall Presses Fauci on Financial Disclosures

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Senator Marshall (R-KS) hasn’t been in the news much recently. However, this week, he entered the news cycle full force, pressing Fauci on his financial disclosures.

It began on Tuesday, during a hearing, when Sen. Marshall continually pressed Fauci about his financial disclosures, with the weasely-like bureaucrat growing visibly angry during the exchange and snapping over a hot mike. Watch it here:

It began with Marshall asking “As the highest-paid employee in the entire federal government, yes or no, would you be willing to submit to Congress and the public a financial disclosure that includes your past and current investments?” That got Fauci furious, as Breitbart reports of the snippy exchange between the two:

Marshall’s line of questioning visibly irritated Fauci. “I don’t understand why you’re asking me that question,” Fauci said. He then explained that his financial disclosures are made public.

In a back and forth exchange, Marshall accused “big tech giants” of hiding Fauci’s finances from the public, and Fauci repeatedly called the senator “misinformed.” Marshall explained that his office could not locate Fauci’s financial disclosures online.

[…]At the end of the exchange, a hot mic caught Fauci saying, “What a moron. Jesus Christ.”

Well, despite Fauci’s rude comment and obvious unwillingness to discuss the issue, Sen. Marshall, a veteran and doctor, isn’t letting the bureaucrat get away that easily. Rather, in the form of a letter, he’s pressing Fauci for those financial disclosures.

Fox, which says it has a copy of the letter, reports this as the language used in Marshall’s letter to the bureaucrat:

“On Tuesday, I asked if you would provide your financial disclosures and investments to Congress and the public. As a member of the committee directly responsible for the oversight of NIAID, I expect a direct, transparent, and honest answer. Instead I was met with a personal insult, deflection, and counter question as to why financial disclosures are important. At a time when multiple federal officials have stepped down due to questionable financial transactions during the pandemic, these questions are both reasonable and relevant.”

Breitbart adds that Marshall also said “Today, you still have not provided me with a copy of your financial disclosures nor have you made your financial disclosures available to the public” and that the senator, who cited several media reports, added “Additionally, according to the New York Post, Center for Public Integrity reporter Liz Essley Whyte tweeted a copy of a disclosure form signed by you in April 2020, but that document had extensive redactions.

Marshall also reportedly mentioned a report written by Forbes contributor Adam Andrzejewski titled “No, Fauci’s Records Aren’t Available Online. Why Won’t NIH Immediately Release Them?”

In it, Andrzejewski reports that the NIH  holds approximately 1,200 pages relating to Fauci’s financial information and hasn’t released many important ones, including the aforementioned financial disclosures along with conflict of interest disclosures and royalty payments.

The real question, however, isn’t how many documents the NIH has. It’s why Fauci got so snippy about this particular topic. What’s he hiding?

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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