“Tone-Deaf” Isn’t Strong Enough for VP Tweet

It started with one tweet this morning on Tuesday, January 4th, 2022. Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris has been keeping her head down for the most part and only inserting herself into the political world when absolutely necessary. There may be a reason why. Her timing is so incredibly off that any accusations of her lack of political intelligence may have just been confirmed with an outrageously careless tweet.

For those of you who aren’t aware, let’s build some context, shall we? I-95 in Virginia is so backed up that drivers have reported being on the highway for up to 19 hours! Virginia, who is not normally prepared to handle a 8-14 inches of snow did nothing to prepare their major highway I-95 for the snowstorm that had been accurately predicted and reported.

Due to nearly a foot of snow and treacherously thick layers of black ice, people have become stranded, and the amount of time spent on the road is inconceivable.

According to Fox News one man said he went only 31 miles in 12 hours along a stretch of I-95. He is now calling the situation a “complete failure by the entire state of Virginia.” 

“We had absolutely no idea what we were going into,” the same man added. “You had all these fancy signs on the highway [saying], ‘Mask up, mask up’, ‘Save lives, mask up.’ Turn the signs on and say, ‘Turn around,’ you know, ‘50-mile backup,’ something.” 

Below, a tweet from Democratic Virginia Senator Tim Kaine is one of hundreds of tweets from stranded drivers.

One can’t help but wonder what the tweet would have looked like had there been a Republican sitting in the Oval Office. I bet I can tell you though. “DONALD TRUMP HAS FAILED US AGAIN!!! ONE NEED LOOK NO FURTHER THAN ONE’S OWN BACKYARD TO SEE THAT HIS AGENDA IS AS STALLED AS THOSE OF STRANDED ON I-95”.

I take that back. Dems just aren’t that clever. The right proves time and time again that the left just can’t meme. Either way, they can’t politic either. Pictured below is the tweet that received immediate and harsh criticism from the VP of the USA. Seriously Kamala, what were you and your PR rep thinking? Did you even read the news?

Here are a few reactions to the blunder of a tweet by Kamala Harris. Below Twitter user Happy FOO Year questions the VP’s social media manager.

Not sure if that’s a man or woman, but either way they make a fantastic point in their tweet below. Hopefully some GOP reps in Virginia get on this individual’s fantastic idea and start getting copies of Kamala’s tweet before it disappears.

Communist Matthew J Hunter couldn’t help but face palm about the VP’s tweet. Her own side is aware of how incompetent she and her staff are!

Joel Pollak knew who to thank for today!

Repeating or even just saying out loud what many have been thinking since January 20th, 2021.

And finally, another Daniel takes a stab at stating the obvious and may offering up a plausible excuse for the supreme idiocy that was posting an “America is moving again” tweet.

But don’t worry; about an hour prior to VP Harris’ disastrous tweet, VDOT finally got on it.

45 minutes ago, (as of writing this article) this one was posted…

Also about, 33 minutes ago, VDOT updated Twitter with this tweet.

Tune in next time for another face-palming moment of “Guess What VP Harris Just Tweeted!!”


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