Trump Slams Brandon, Saying He’s Turning America into a “Large Scale Version of Venezuela”

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President Trump sounded off on Brandon’s terrible policies during his massive Arizona rally, one that drew a tremendous crowd and was pulsing with energy.

During the wide-ranging speech, one in which he attacked Brandon continuously while shying away from more controversial issues like vaccines, other than a brief statement opposing mandates, Trump was able to drive the nails into Brandon’s coffin, especially on the inflation issue.

For example, after saying that Brandon has done “more destruction than five presidents in the last year,” Trump skewered him for letting inflation run rampant, saying that he’s turning America into a “large scale version of Venezuela.”

Further emphasizing the closeness of the Brandon left to evil regimes, Trump said “Today’s radical Democrat party is driven by a mean and vicious spirit of leftwing fascism.

Those comments on Venezuela echo what Trump said over a year ago, when he warned America what Brandon’s presidency would be like and said he’d turn America into Venezuela. Watch that prophetic comment here:

But attacking Brandon wasn’t all Trump did. He also called for action and rallied the patriotism of the crowd, saying “This is your home. This is your heritage. And our American liberty is your God-given right.

Further, after calling for a boycott of AT&T he told the crowd that “our country is going to hell” and “the American people must take their lives and future back.”

On that note, the imprisonment of the Jan. 6th protesters and potential FBI involvement on that day was a major topic of the speech, with Trump saying “They release dangerous criminals from jail, but Jan 6 defendants are living in Hell. They’re being hounded like the worst animals. The jails are filthy and disgusting. We should help them defend themselves” and asking “How many people at the Capitol were FBI informants or agents?”

He also announced that “we will ban men from participating in women’s sports,” attacking the idea of men who identify as women participating in women’s sports and often dominating the competition.

Further emphasizing the importance of the crowd and its energy, Trump said “This crowd is a massive symbol of what took place because the people are hungry for the truth: They want their country back!

Summarizing both what was expected of the rally and what Trump discussed during it, Just the News reported:

In the lead-up to Saturday’s rally, Trump had promised to discuss “the Rigged Presidential Election of 2020, the fake Big Lie, the corrupt LameStream Media, the Afghanistan disaster, Inflation, the sudden lack of respect for our Nation and its leaders, and much more.”

As promised, the former president took shots at his successor for an expansive range of alleged failures, including: surging inflation, squandering the Trump administration’s hard-won achievement of energy independence, empty store shelves, an explosion of violent crime in Democrat-run cities, a porous southern border flooded with illegal immigrants and drugs, foreign adversaries like Russia and China who “are toying with us,” vaccine mandates and “rationing life-saving therapeutics based on race.”

It remains to be seen how such rallies will affect Trump’s resurgent popularity, though it’s likely that they will be at least as popular as in former years, if not more so given Brandon’s utter lack of support from the general electorate.

If he can maintain the massive energy present at this rally, it’ll certainly help propel him back into the news and will hopefully push him even farther up in the polls.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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