Trump’s Book is Selling So Well that the Publisher Can’t Keep Up with Demand

President Trump recently released a book about his presidency called Our Journey Together. Full of 320 beautiful, inspiring photos of the former president and his time in office along with captions selected by Trump himself, the book follows Trump=around the world and around America, tracking all of the many highlights of his presidency. It’s been a massive hit.

Such a large hit, in fact, that Serio Gor, the president of Winning Team Publishing, told Breitbart that he can’t keep up with the demand for the book.

Speaking to that outlet Saturday, Gor first said that “conservative books outsell liberal books almost always” before noting that problem many conservatives have is that, though their books will sell well, leftist-dominated publishers have no intention of working with them, making it hard for conservatives to get their books to the public.

As a result, he founded the company Winning Team Publishing so that conservative authors that produce high-quality books can get their works in the hands of the public. The company’s first venture was Trump’s book, Our Journey Together, and it’s been a “yuge” success for Gor’s company’s first book.

So far, it’s only been 6 weeks and the book has sold over 200,000 copies. However, thanks to the supply shortages in Brandson’s America, there’s a paper shortage, making it hard for the publisher to produce as many books as there’s demand for.

Speaking on that and how he’s overcoming it, Gor said “Only in Biden’s America do you run out of paper. So we used one of the largest printers in America. They publish thousands of different titles every year.”

He added “We can’t keep up with the demand. A lot of the retailers want it. A lot of stores want it. The fastest way to get it is on our website” before noting that one challenge is that Trump, being a patriot, wanted to ensure the book is printed in America, which in Brandon’s America is making things harder, both because of shortages and regulations. In Gor’s words:

“They didn’t have enough leather to bind the outside. They didn’t have the gold leaves that goes [sic] on the title of the outside. They didn’t have enough glue at one point. And so a lot of these things, we print in America, but yet some of these ingredients have to come from abroad because we just don’t make them in America. So we pay extra because we support American jobs.

Part of it is new regulations, part of it is the supply chain, but it just — we’ve never had this happen before. I mean, this is a new problem. And you talk to retailers, you talk to Barnes and Noble, you talk to printers, it’s all across. Everyone has this problem.”

Still, despite those challenges and holdups, they’re expecting to get another 100,000 books in soon, many of which will likely sell quite quickly. Signed copies are already selling on eBay for thousands of dollars.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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