Tucker Carlson: Homelessness Crisis is a Sign of America’s Real-Time Collapse

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We’ve all seen the horrid videos out of California, where masses of drug-addicted hobos camp on the streets, shooting up drugs and relieving themselves in full view of all around.

While the Golden State was once known for its beauty, now it’s known for the throngs of homeless that shoot up heroin on the sidewalk.

Unfortunately, the problem isn’t confined to California, though it might be at its worst in some of California’s coastal cities. No, DC is now full of homeless encampments, dark places where drug-addicted menaces prowl what used to be gorgeous parks and streets. Similarly, Denver, New York, and Austin struggle under the crushing weight of the costs imposed by the homeless problem.

Yet worse is that most politicians refuse to properly identify the problem, much less deal with it, as doing so seems “mean” and they’d rather appear “nice” than do what hard things are necessary to protect their citizens from the ravages of the often drug-addicted and mentally ill homeless.

Fortunately for America, Tucker Carlson is willing to identify and call out the problem. He did so in a recent segment, saying:

We want to begin by noting something obvious. If you live in the United States, you may have noticed that many of our public spaces have become permanent homeless encampments. You see trash-filled tents blotting out what were once green and tidy public parks. You step over vagrants drooling, unconscious on the steps of train stations on the way to work. You watch as junkies smoke meth without any embarrassment at all, and then yell at pedestrians on the sidewalk, maybe at your children.

At every intersection, there are beggars. It’s what we used to imagine India was like, but this is not Calcutta. This is New York and San Francisco and Austin, Texas. So the question is what happened? And the short answer is: Our leaders did this. No matter what they tell you, homelessness is not an act of God. It’s not the result of economic collapse in this country. America does not run out of housing.

Instead, a determined group of well-funded ideologues decided to make it easier to live on the streets in this country while doing drugs. Therefore, many more people now live on the streets while doing drugs. See? Not complicated.

The problem, as he correctly identifies it, is that leftist ideologues made it far, far easier for the homeless to take over the streets. Instead of punishing vagrancy and loitering, we reward it, giving them fresh needles with which they can shoot up heroin.

But Tucker didn’t end the brilliant, much-needed segment there. After describing how the Martin vs. Boise case empowered leftist ideologues to let the homeless roam free, something they’ve used “homelessness prevention” cash to ensure happens, he continued his description of the threat posed to civilization and proper budgets by the homelessness crisis, saying:

Oh, stunning views of the Space Needle and Puget Sound. Do you have one of those? Well, crack heads do. More than half a million dollars per apartment to house drug addicts at public expense, at market rates. So you can see why real estate developers would strongly support a program like that. And of course, they strongly do. 

[…]In Los Angeles, politicians have spent billions “fighting homelessness.” This has been accompanied, of course, by a massive increase in the number of people who are homeless. Four years ago, the city spent $440 million on what it called solutions to homelessness. That was supposed to fix the problem. Did it? Homelessness in Los Angeles jumped 15 percent just last year. So this year, L.A. will spend more — close to a billion dollars on the homeless in 2022. 

As for the small businesses crushed by the city’s lunatic COVID restrictions, you ask what will they get? Well, they get $62 million total. The city’s gang reduction program gets about half that. 

So politicians in Los Angeles are, at the very least, very clear about their priorities. What has this done to L.A.? We don’t have to look far to see the answer to that. Last week, a homeless man walked into a furniture store in the west side of Los Angeles and murdered a graduate student who was working alone there. He stabbed her to death for no apparent reason and then walked out. He’s still at large. She was 24. Now she’s dead. 

Today, her father told “Fox & Friends” that he holds city officials responsible for the killing. 

What you’re watching here is civilization collapsing in real-time, and it’s not new. Video our producers shot in Los Angeles in the spring of 2019, almost three years ago, show homeless encampments downtown on three separate blocks. It starts at fifth and San Pedro, and then it goes west seemingly forever. So in January 2020, the L.A. Times reported that “California’s railroad tracks are now lined with men and women sleeping in tents or under cardboard boxes.” In America, by the way. Well, in response to this, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced another $12 billion in state funding to “fight homelessness.” How’d that work? Well hear the results. 

And what’s the solution to this pressing problem? A return to sanity. As Tucker puts it:

the solution is as simple as the problem. Here’s a solution: Stop putting up with it. Say no. No, you can’t smoke meth in the park. You’re not allowed to crap on the sidewalk. Pull up your pants and get the hell out of here. Go somewhere with lower standards. Head for a place where politicians don’t care about their people because we do care. And that’s why we’re hauling your tent to a landfill and cutting off your checks today. You are a drug addict. Get a job or leave. This is our city. You are not allowed to wreck it. You didn’t build it. 

Now, that’s not hard. That works. We know it works because that’s how societies function for about 2,000 years. If you’re an unmarried man with no job, you were not allowed to destroy things. It wasn’t your right. 

By the way, this is how successful families still operate to this day in the privacy of their own homes when the NGOs aren’t watching. Parents reward good behavior, and they do not tolerate bad behavior. Why? Because if you let your kids smoke weed at the breakfast table, they will. So you don’t let them. So why not apply the same standard to the drug addicts at Penn Station? Because what we’re doing now isn’t compassionate. It’s an attack on civilization.

Tucker is right. The homelessness situation is a major problem and it can be easily solved. All it will take is a bit of backbone and a return to sanity.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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