Watch: Joe Rogan Slams CNN, Calls it “Full of Sh*t”

Joe Rogan recently had a very interesting conversation with James Lindsay about CRT, the media, and other culture war issues. In it, the two discussed numerous hot-button topics, including how the left is attempting to discredit its enemies by labeling all those who disagree with it as “alt-right.”

Another topic of note that the two discussed is CNN, which Rogan described as “full of sh*t.”

That comment came as the two discussed CNN’s record low ratings, which declined by 90% since a high point last year.

Speaking on that, Rogan first said “They have to know that they’ve destroyed their business.

Lindsay then responded, agreeing and saying “They have no credibility left.

Rogan then continued that point, “And they have to think that, the thing about the 90 percent drop in the ratings last year, they want to say that it’s because of scandals.

The scandals to which he referred were the pedophilia and sexual assault allegations that have swirled around the far-left network as of late, forcing it to fire numerous employees who are accused of sexual deviancy involving minors.

Lindsay, speaking on the pedophilia scandals, said “Two high level producers.” Both were fired for pedophilia-related crimes.

Rogan, continuing on his point about the scandals, said “But most people don’t know that, though. Most people aren’t aware of that. Because they never even covered it.”

Lindsay then used that as an avenue for pushing the conversation away from the topic of CNN’s bad luck with hiring pedophiles, which Joe had moments before described as how they’re tyring to explain away the ratings collapse, returned to the topic of their programming being bad, saying “Right. It’s that their programming sucks.

Rogan agreed with Lindsay on the topic of their content, and even went further than Lindsay did on the nature of what CNN’s pushing, saying “It’s not just that it sucks, but it’s preposterous. It’s preposterous. It’s also this smugness in which they disseminate propaganda. People know that they’re full of s***. And they’re doing it with a smugness. And it turns people off. It would turn people off even if they were accurate.”

But CNN’s not accurate, as Joe knows from the “horse dewormer” story they ran about his decision to take Ivermectin, which makes the smugness all the worse.

Rogan, then showing why so many enjoy listening to him, then insightfully emphasized what it is about CNN that puts people off, saying “It’s also an extreme lack of understanding of human nature, the way they discuss things. Like one of the things, they were talking about shaming people, like whether or not we should start shaming people for not following the public health guidelines that have changed over and over again and have proven over and over again to be wrong. Like what are you f****** saying? You’re on the news and you’re talking about shaming people?

Watch their conversation here to see Rogan and Lindsay tear fake news CNN to pieces:

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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