Watch: So Much Female “Empowerment”

female empowerment

I’m “literally shaking” right now. Some right-wing fanatic, probably a Trump voter, said that these obviously empowered girl bosses aren’t actually empowered. What a fool!

I mean, just watch these feminist icons and see all that feminism has conquered in its long march through the West:

Girl power! They just broke the glass ceiling and became…Michael Vick’s dogs.

Though one can never be sure, I have the feeling that this isn’t what Susan B. Anthony and her coterie of bra-burners hoped for when they first started protesting.

However, it likely was on the mind of whatever gigachad convinced his female classmates that their protests would be more effective in lingerie, and on the mind of each college guy that’s told a sorority gal hookup culture is all about her “empowerment.”

That “empowerment,” you see, is apparently getting to run around on all fours and bark while your boyfriend holds your leash! What beautiful wages of liberty!

If only women of the Victorian Age had known such empowerment!

Or is it that even the prostitutes of those halcyon days wouldn’t have accepted such indignities?

Either way, this is liberalism coming full circle. Without rules that must be followed, without standards that cannot be bent, you get degeneracy. Or, to be blunter, you get women in yoga pants fighting like dogs on leashes.

Though, to be fair, the guy with the leash might have to suffer his fair share of indignities too, and not just scornful looks. As one commenter put it:

Not shown: the plastic bags he carries around to clean up with after she shits on the sidewalk.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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