Watch: Tucker, Freedom Convoy Spokesman Explain how Canadian Truckers are Fighting for Freedom

A massive, 44 mile-long convoy of truckers, perhaps the largest truck convoy of all time, is rolling across Canada. Those truckers, braving their government’s displeasure and a frigid Canadian winter to protest the Covid-19 rules they see as unjust, particularly the vaccination requirement for those truckers that carry goods across the border.

Unfortunately, up until last night, many Americans wouldn’t have had reason to know about the convoy. It’s received a bit of attention online, but nowhere near enough to expose the magnitude of what’s going on or what the group’s goals are.

Fortunately, however, Tucker set up a huge spotlight and illuminated the convoy with it, bringing it to the forefront of the American mind by interviewing the spokesman for the convoy. Watch that interview here:

In the video, you can hear him ask Dichter explain what the point is of the convoy. Why are 44 miles worth of Canadian truckers braving the weather and government to drive across the barren roads of frozen Canada?

Dichter responds, first by explaining that under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Canada has turned from a smiling place to an authoritarian hellhole. Then, he gets to specifics and says that the truckers want two things. They want to get “rid of the vaccine mandates and the [vaccine] passports.”

Dichter then explains how the border patrol has access to people’s phones and can track people to ensure they all have the vaccine: the QR codes aren’t even needed! The government just tracks people and has access to their phones!

Oh, and Trudeau lobbied (successfully) Biden to adopt the phone-tracking, authoritarian plan, according to Dichter.

That’s what Dichter refers to as “the line.” Over it no one must pass if they seek to remain free.

Tucker then asks two more questions, both of which are important in explaining the convoy. They are: 1) Why does it fall to the truckers to protest the jab mandate and authoritarian passports and 2) do they think the protest will work?

Dichter responds, but only answers the first question. In his view, it falls to the truckers “because [they’re] the ones who suffer the most repercussions” from the jab mandate, they’re the ones “treated like insects” by the bureaucracy. Their lives are under attack, so they need to stand up for them.

While he doesn’t say if he thinks the protest will be a success, it very well could be. Right now, both Canada and America are dealing with severe supply chain problems. If truckers refuse to ship goods, if they protest the government rather than transporting food, that would really put a hurting on the corrupt government and, after a few days without food supplies arriving in cities, force the bureaucrats to the negotiating table.

Despite being known as being nice and polite, it looks like Canadians might have more backbone than Americans; where is our trucker convoy, why are they the only ones in North America fighting the tyrannical policies and mandates with such vigor?

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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