Yet Another Dem Quits Rather than Facing the Red Wave

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Democrats just can’t face the heat they know they’ll have to if they run in 2022. Facing the reality that a red wave is coming thanks to Brandon’s unpopularity and their radical policies, many are choosing to drop out rather than quit.

Just last week, it was big news that two more Democrat House members had decided to quit rather than try to face the heat in the 2022 election.

Now, a 25th, Brenda Lawrence, has decided to join her cowardly comrades and call it quits as well, running from the fight rather than attempting to defend leftist policies.

Lawrence, a Michigan Democrat, has been a member of the House for three decades. She’s now saying that her decision to retire was “personal” and that she hopes a “qualified, committed” African American will take her seat.

She also said:

“I love the 30-year ride I’ve had — the challenges, the successes, the fighting for democracy. I have so much gratitude for the opportunity I’ve had.

But you have to really understand that this life, it’s not forever. And I will find a way to continue to serve, because that’s in my blood.

I’m healthy. I’m at the top of my game. I have the opportunity to turn the page and to be able to start another chapter in my life of leadership, and I’m looking forward to it.”

What’s not clear, however, is why she would make the “personal” decision to leave if she’s still “healthy” and “at the top of [her] game.” If those things were true, then wouldn’t she better “serve” her party and constituents by trying to stand and fight for her party as an experienced, healthy representative?

She’s almost certainly lying about something, whether it be her desire to “serve,” her health, or the reason for her departure. In reality, she’s likely either unhealthy or, perhaps more likely, just self-focused and doesn’t want to deal with might be a contentious election.

Regardless of the real reason, her defection is important because it adds to the list of Democrats retiring before the election even begins. Adding context to her departure, Breitbart reported that:

This is happening as the midterms are getting closer, along with the deadlines to file for candidacy in many states. There have also been reports of Democrats struggling to find new candidates to run in some congressional districts. In contrast, some members have to run in completely different districts with only a few constituents.

Lawrence becomes the twenty-fifth Democrat to announce she will not seek reelection in the House. Still, she is only the seventeenth Democrat to announce actual retirement from the public eye — including three committee chairs and multiple sub-committee chairs — while eight more Democrats announced they would run for a different office, either in a local or state election.

It sure looks like a red wave is coming in 2022; Democrats are running scared!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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