Yet Another Smash and Grab Robbery in California


California used to be known as a wonderful state. Its temperate climate, many innovative businesses, fertile soil, and beautiful vistas made it a beacon of internal immigration, investment dollars, and national attention.

Now, all that remains is the national attention, and not for the good reasons that used to be the cause of its national prominence. Rather, California is in the news because it’s in the dumpster.

That was highlighted yet again by the awesome Libs of Tik Tok Twitter account, which shared this sickening video of yet another smash and rob looting in California, this time the thieves struck a jewelry store:

The robbery took place around 3:30 pm and, as you can see in the horrifying video, about 8-10 thugs were involved in the shameful looting. It took place at the La Placita Tropicana shopping center.

According to NBC, San Jose police Officer Steve Aponte said:

“A takeover robbery is very different from a standard smash-and-grab or what we’ve seen recently with retail mall thefts. These individuals actually forced their way into the store. And by saying takeover robbery, they demanded everybody to get on the ground. They forced people who were present, including staff members, to do their will. And in doing so, they were able to take over, break the glass, take away the stuff that they wanted to take.”

Poking fun at the incompetence of the thieves in the video, one Twitter commenter said:

How disappointed was the group in the big boy? They expected him to smash through that glass immediately and he probably had the worst performance.

Another, poking fun at the IRS guidance that stolen goods must be reported for tax purposes, said:

I hope they are itemizing their goods for tax reporting purposes

What’s sad is that this is just yet another smash and grab robbery in California. Far from sparking outrage, as the first one did, this type of robbery is becoming mundane as thugs take advantage of California’s ridiculously soft on crime policies.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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