Yikes: Brandon’s Approval Rating Just Crashed to 35%

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Here’s some more bad news for President Brandon and his demented band of incompetent bureaucrats: his approval just crashed to an even more dismal 35%.

That’s according to the CIVIQS rolling presidential job approval poll, which has tracked his approval rating since his presidency began about a year ago.

What it has found is a slow and steady decline; the American public, originally about evenly split on how Brandon is doing, now views him quite negatively, with about 55% disapproving and 35% approving. That’s right, Brandon’s approval rating is 20% underwater!

Yet worse for Brandon is that it’s not just crotchety old conservatives that view him with the mix of disgust and dismay that’s become so common. In fact, the 18-34 age group views him the most negatively, with only 28% approving.

Further, he’s doing pretty badly with other, traditionally pro-left demographics too.

For example, while it’s unsurprising that 62% of men, who are more likely to be conservative, disapprove of Biden, it’s unexpected, and potentially encouraging for Republicans, that only 39% of women, traditionally more liberal, approve of Brandon.

Similarly, 56% of college graduates disapprove of how Brandon is doing, and Hispanics are close to being evenly split on Brandon; the college-educated and Hispanics are both traditionally Democrats.

However, blacks, another traditionally Democratic voting block, are still overwhelmingly in support of Brandon.

Still, across the states he’s not doing well; his job performance is negative in 46 states, including the normally dark blue California.

It seems even Californians might soon be chanting “Let’s Go Brandon!” With the disaster in Afghanistan, supply chain crisis, inflation problem, and everything else, it’s no wonder why.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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