Yikes: Pelosi’s Son Linked to 5 Sketchy Companies Probed By Feds

While we all know that Nancy Pelosi, the real estate investor, stock trader, and Congresswoman, has her hands in different money-making, totally above-board and not at all sketchy ventures, what’s less known is that her son, Paul, is involved in similarly…”above board” ventures.

Or, as Wayne Dupree put it:

“It turns out Paul Pelosi Jr., Nancy’s only son, is a chip off the ol’ scamming block.

This guy drifts from one failed, sketchy company to the next, collecting huge paychecks and payouts and leaving a trail of feds behind him.”

While not exactly subtle, that sure does seem to be true, at least according to what the New York Post reported about Paul and his…business activities. According to the NYP:

Paul Pelosi Jr., the son of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has reportedly been linked to at least five business entities under investigation by authorities for alleged fraud.

The 52-year-old Paul Pelsoi Jr., the only son of Nancy and Paul Pelosi Sr., was hired by several firms that were subject to both federal and state probes, and meanwhile has “connections to a host of fraudsters, rule-breakers and convicted criminals,” although he has never been charged himself

Further information comes from the Daily Mail, which reported that:

[Paul’s] years-long repeated business dealings raise two troubling questions Nancy’s son has been unable to answer: why did he get mixed up with such unsavory characters over and over, and how involved was he with the criminal investigations into his fraudster colleagues? 

While Paul Pelosi Jr.’s mother once pledged to lead ‘the most honest, most open, most ethical Congress in history’, her son has a staggering wake of criminal colleagues, fraudulent companies and federal investigations.

And what exactly was it that…”businessman” Paul Pelsoi Jr. was doing? Well, one example provided by The Daily Mail is Omaha-based InfoUSA, a database marketing company. That company, which Jr. was hired as the senior VP of in 2007 (he must have the same level of experience in database marketing that Hunter does in Ukrainian gas companies), was investigated by the Iowa AG’s office for helping out fraudsters by selling them consumer data.

Reportedly, that data was used to scam the sick and gullible out of their money. Jr., however, made out well; he was paid a yearly salary of $180k. To be fair, however, he was hired only after the probe ended. Perhaps he was hoping to turn it around. I’m sure his influence was in no way related to the hiring decision.

Oh, and InfoUSA’s CEO, a Clinton donor, was investigated by the CEO in 2010, 3 years after Jr. got there. I guess he wasn’t able to push it on the straight and narrow.

But that’s just one of the companies. Here’s what the NYP reports about one of the others:

In 2009, Paul Jr. co-founded Natural Blue Resources Inc, an investment company whose stated mission was to “create, acquire, or otherwise invest in environmentally-friendly companies, including an initiative to locate, purify, and sell water recovered from underground aquifers in New Mexico and other areas with depleting water resources.”

But the SEC alleged that the company was secretly run by two convicted fraudsters — James E. Cohen and Joseph Corazzi. In 2014, the agency brought fraud charges against Cohen, Corazzi, former New Mexico Gov. Toney Anaya, and a former executive at the company, Erik Perry.

Nor could Jr. keep yet another company, FOGFuels, on the straight and narrow. Again according to the NYP:

In October 2013, Pelosi Jr. joined FOGFuels, a biofuel company. Just prior to his being named vice president, the company founder, Paul Marshall, was charged by the SEC for allegedly stealing $3 million from elderly investors.

Then there was “Corporate Governance Initiative,” which Jr. became associated with in 2014 and was promoted to executive director of in 2015. While there, he “established ties” with Asa Saint Clair, who was later convicted of wire fraud in connection to a cryptocurrency scam. Though never convicted of anything, Jr. did endorse the crypto on its website, saying “IGOBit is the absolute best offering I have ever seen.” Yet another “oops” for Jr.

Still that’s not all. Next up is a lithium mining company, Oroplata Resources. According to The Daily Mail, Pelosi Jr. became a senior adviser of it in 2016 and received 2.8 million fraudulent shares of the company in 2016, paying $2,800 for the shares despite the real market value being between $4,228,000 and $5,152,000. Another “oops” for Jr.

It makes you wonder: what’s he up to now?

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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