Adam Carolla Gives the Perfect Measure to Judge Democrat Incompetence

It’s oft-remarked that socialist leaders live in splendor while their subjects live in squalor. For every palace of a Stalin, Che, or Castro, for every golf course the Chinese Air Force officers play on or beautiful limo a CCP apparatchik is carted around in, many millions live in utter poverty, ground beneath the heel of the socialist leviathan.

Importantly, that isn’t because those who live in splendor have earned it, as was the case with the titans of industry during the Gilded Age. Rather, it’s because they manage to find a way to leech from the system and fund their lifestyle on the back of some socialist slave.

Unfortunately, that’s come to America, as comedian and “podfather” Adam Carolla brilliantly pointed out during a Fox News segment. Watch it here:

As you can hear, he says:

Well, first thing, I guarantee that Nancy Pelosi’s double-wide sub-zero refrigerator is worth more than all of the belongings that all of the homeless people have in her entire district.

They should go there and get dove bars. The problem is homeless advocates, experts on homelessness who are always wrong. They are not experts. They are advocates. That’s what they call themselves.

I’m an advocate for my dog but I am not a veterinarian. I need an expert to help him. Think about Los Angeles and Venice Beach, California, and San Francisco, when you see the homeless population and the mess outside, doesn’t that mean the whole city is a mess?

Couldn’t we judge a city by its homeless population? If you see someone going down the street in a car and there is a broken window and there is foil over on it and you go that person is a mess? I would not want them running my business. Imagine how they run their city. You can see how they run their city by going outside. Imagine all of the other horrible decisions are making inside.

Could we judge a city by its homeless population? We certainly could, and perhaps we should.

By that metric, the beautiful little small towns across America are doing great, as are well-run cities that manage to deal with the homeless problem in a reasonable way, being humane while also ensuring that the rights of taxpaying citizens to live in peace and not be assaulted by some crazy heroin or fentanyl addict is respected.

But not dark blue hellholes like New York, San Francisco, and LA, where Democrat apparatchiks like Nancy Pelosi, Bill de Blasio, and Chuck Schumer live in splendor and leech off of the system while their poverty-stricken subjects live in utter filth and those lucky ones who have homes are routinely harassed and assaulted by the drug-addicted, homeless masses wandering about.

Carolla is right: Pelosi lives well but the place she’s from is rotting and falling apart. Democrats can, and should, be judged by the utter hellishness of the places they are from.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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