An Interview with Chad Prather About Running for Governor of Texas: Part 1

I did a recent interview with Chad and it was amazing!  The interview carried on for quite some time and the article ended up being extremely long.  Everything he said was on point and there isn’t anything that we could find to cut out to make it shorter without disgracing the quality of the article.  So we will be adding this interview in 5 parts.  You can also read the full interview in our Trending Politics Magazine as he was the cover of our February issue.  I really hope that all Texans who read this get a better understanding of who Chad Prather is as a person.  He’s not just a comedian; he’s a true patriot who loves Texas with all of his being and he’s not afraid to fight for his state and country.


Chad Prather is not to be underestimated. Any opponent who takes the comedian for a joke has made a fatal mistake. Running for Governor of Texas isn’t just a whim taken up by the 49-year-old. This isn’t a case of friends running to the class clown and telling them to run for Student Body President as a gag. With or without the laughs, Prather has done his research.

He knows what he’s talking about and that should terrify those running against him, be they Republicans or Democrats. He’s not afraid of telling it like it is, and most importantly, he’s not ashamed of his politics, nor is he willing to apologize for them.

When I spoke to Chad Prather on January 18th, 2022, it was like no interview I’d done before. It felt far more like a conversation. While we had a few laughs, it’s wasn’t a performance either. No. The discussion I had with a man who could very well be Texas’ next Governor left me with one thought.

If he were to have this kind of one-on-one conversation with every constituent in Texas, he’d win by a landslide.

Even if he does describe himself as being a reluctant candidate, Prather knows he has the platform, the audience, and the vision to make an honest go of defending the rights of Texans.

I didn’t like the direction Texas was going,” he told me over the phone and that’s what began his campaign for governor nearly nineteen months ago.
That direction being current Governor Greg Abbott’s inaction in regard to the rights of Texans. Like many, Prather was horrified when Abbott didn’t do all he could legislatively to prevent mask mandates and vaccine requirements through out the state.

The final straw for me was the shutdowns and the mandates,” he explained. “It was bowing down to the dictatorial nature of the mandates that were being handed down from the federal government.”

There was also the concern that Abbott has a “habit of side-stepping the legislative process.” Prather points out that the current governor is considered the most powerful in the state’s history because of the propensity to executive order or in the amount of money being spent.

Spending has increased nineteen and a half percent since he’s been in office. Property taxes are through the roof, we know rank 6th in the nation. The border, we know, is out of control and wide open. And you just see the priorities of the people of Texas not being attended to.”

When asked about the biggest concerns facing Texans today, many worry about their property taxes. Why? Why is it such a big deal when they don’t pay income taxes? Well, for Prather, it’s not just a fiscal issue. It’s a moral one.

Taxation is one thing. We can’t get away from taxes. The issue is, the fact that people can never own their home or land. That’s a moral issue to me. When you have folks that are retired, or you have folks that are veterans, you have folks that have paid their homes off or, you know, bought their homes and land outright but they still rent from the government. That becomes a moral issue.

“I go back to…the Old Testament, God told the Israelites He was never gonna tax their land because that was their promise to their next generation. If the Israelites six thousand years ago could figure out a way around property taxes, than surely in 2021 the most fiscal conservative economic minds in the state of Texas, with the ninth largest economy in the nation, should be able to figure out a way for people to own their own homes.

It’s a big government symptom.”

He went on to point out that it didn’t just end there. Upon looking further into the goings on, he discovered just how big the government of Texas had become and it was alarming.

To be continued tomorrow….

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