Another One Gone: Longtime Epstein Associate Found Dead, Conspiracies Abound

Well, another Epstein associate bit the dust, “hanging himself” under suspicious circumstances in a French jail cell. As announced on Twitter, “JUST IN – Jean-Luc Brunel, the former model scout who’s been accused of trafficking underage girls to Jeffrey #Epstein, “found dead” in his prison cell in France.


Brunel was being held at La Santé in Paris, which the Sun reports is one of the toughest jails in France. There, again according to the Sun, is no CCTV footage of his death, nor is there a witness, as he was in a single-occupancy cell at the time. Much like Epstein, he died without any evidence of what really happened.

That lack of CCTV footage, that outlet explains, is because though there are a plethora of halls covering the hallways and corridors of prisons in France, EU human rights legislation and a desire to give the prisoners some privacy means that the cells are not under video surveillance.

Giving background on who Brunel was and why his death is important, another Sun article reports that:

Brunel, 76, had been indicted and remanded in custody in December 2020 following accusations of rape and sexual assault of minors – including three 12-year-old sisters.

He was also being probed over human trafficking and being part of a criminal conspiracy amid his association with Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Described previously as the paedo multimillionaire’s “best mate” & “pimp”, he is believed to have been a key member of Epstein’s inner circle.

Brunel will likely take many of the secrets about Epstein and his horrific trafficking ring to the grave.”

While it’s certainly possible that Brunel simply couldn’t live with the weight of his sins and/or didn’t want them put on full display in an embarrassing public trial, one that would rip open the horrific nature of what he did, many suspect that he didn’t kill himself.

The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles, for example, tweeted a picture of Hillary Clinton in a FedEx uniform with the comment “This FedEx driver was seen delivering a package to Brunel’s cell shortly before he hanged himself. If you know anything about the identity of this man, please report it to the authorities immediately.

It was in jest, obviously, but gets to the core fact which is that any death related to Epstein is highly suspicious to many people and those suspicions are only aggravated when, as in the case of Brunel, there is no footage to corroborate the regime narrative.

And while Knowles’ comment was in jest, not all who suggest that he didn’t kill himself are joking. Thysia Huisman, who accused Brunel of rape in 2019, said:

Jean-Luc Brunel has been found dead in his prison cell. He supposedly hung himself last night. I am in shock. Was this really suicide? And it feels disappointing. This is a completely different ending without any real justice for his victims

Again, it’s more than possible that Brunel did kill himself. But, as with Epstein, the circumstances are a tad suspicious and the nature of his relationship to Epstein will draw conspiracies until all who worked with that evil man are brought to justice and their crimes exposed.

So long as they lurk in the shadows, conspiracies about the depths to which they will go to hid their crimes will abound.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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