Bannon Accuses the Feds of Snooping on One of His Lawyers in Explosive Court Filing

Former Breitbart head and Trump advisor Steve Bannon is under investigation by the feds and it looks like his already unenviable situation might be even worse than it looks on its face.

Now, according to a recently filed court document, the very feds that are charging him are also attacking his ability to defend himself by snooping on one of his lawyers.

That document, a motion to compel discovery on the issue of whether his lawyer is, in fact, being spied upon by the government includes numerous shocking claims, which, if true, shine a light on just how far Team Brandon will go to attack political dissidents.

In it (available here thanks to Just the News), Bannon’s defense team claims that:

First, as is the subject of a separate motion filed today, the Government used grand jury subpoenas to investigate Mr. Bannon’s attorney, Robert J. Costello, Esquire, at the very time that Mr. Costello was communicating with the prosecution team and advocating on Mr. Bannon’s behalf. 

Supposedly, that investigation of Costello involved acquiring his email logs shortly before Mr. Bannon was indicted.

It then, in the same paragraph on page 11 of the motion, notes the importance of the rules about when opposing counsel can be investigated and hints that, in this case, the government didn’t follow those rules, saying:

There are stringent rules that apply to the investigation of attorneys. Such rules exist because these types of investigations may constitute an impermissible interference with the attorney-client relationship, and the effective assistance of counsel as guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. If the Government failed to follow the applicable rules – which will be revealed through additional discovery – a ground may exist to dismiss the indictment. That separately filed motion explains the need for discovery on that troubling issue, so that the defense has sufficient information to evaluate whether some sanction, including dismissal, is appropriate.

The document goes on to relate the current situation Mr. Bannon is in regarding appearing before the January 6th Committee, the reasons behind his refusal to do so, and the standard for when the indictment can be dismissed as a result of the prosecution coming after the defense’s attorneys.

Just the News adds that the prosecuting attorney, Amanda Vaughn, largely denies the charges in a letter, saying:

Mr. Costello represented Mr. Bannon before the January 6th Select Committee in relation to the subpoena it issued to Mr. Bannon and is, therefore, a witness to the conduct charged in the Indictment.

The Government has not taken any steps to obtain any attorney-work product relating to any attorney’s representation of Mr. Bannon or to obtain any confidential communications between Mr. Bannon, Mr. Costello, and Mr. Katz, or between Mr. Bannon and any other attorneys.

If Mr. Bannon’s allegations are true, that’s explosive news, as it means that the feds are now not only going after opponents, but are willing to go so far as to spy on and potentially attempt to intimidate the defense teams for those political enemies.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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