Brilliant: DeSantis Shows How to Defeat the Left in Speech on the “Woke Virus”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, appearing at CPAC for a speech, decided to hit at one of the biggest issues facing America today: the mind virus of wokeness that has taken over everything from corporate America to the military, destroying whatever it touches in the process.

Speaking on that, he started off strong, blasting the woke radicals for their attacks on the Founding Fathers, attacks on this great nation’s heritage and history. In his words:

Woke is the new religion of the left and this is what they have in mind. That’s why they want CRT because they want to divide the country.

That’s why they remove statues of Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt and take George Washington’s name off schools because they want to erase that history. They want to delegitimize our founding institutions and they want to replace that with their left wing ideology as the foundational principles of our modern day society.”

But more than just wanting to punish those who haven’t kept up with the times on account of being dead, the woke want to rip apart the society that does exist now and replace it with some twisted, demented version of society that is utterly un-American. DeSantis exposed that too, next saying:

Woke-ism is a form of cultural Marxism. It is not just about raising taxes or bad economic policy. It’s about tearing at the fabric of our society and trying to replace it with something that will be much, much more sinister.

And the problem that we face as conservatives is a lot of major institutions in our country have become infected with this woke virus.”

Indeed they have. The military has gone woke. The bureaucracy has gone woke. The corporations have gone woke. Everything has.

But, of course, the rich woke don’t like living under their own policies. So, they destroy states like New York then flee to red states like Florida.

DeSantis exposed that too, blasting “lockdowners” and saying that “They criticize Florida, and the first chance they get, what do they do? They escaped to freedom in the state of Florida.”

Finally, after defending Florida and highlighting its successes in light of the many failures of blue states and Biden, DeSantis went on to emphasize one of the many ways that Florida is standing up to the insane left, saying:

We are in the process of getting money from the legislature so that if Biden is dumping illegal aliens into Florida from the southern border, I’m rerouting them to Delaware. We’ll do some in DC and Hollywood as well.”

That’s a reference to his plan to ship illegal immigrants to Biden’s home state, a plan that would stick a major thumb in Brandon’s eye.

Overall, DeSantis’ speech was excellent and shows just what conservatives, especially elected conservatives, need to do: they can’t just identify the problem, as he did at the beginning of the speech.

Though necessary, that must come alongside actual attacks on the system of evil identified, which DeSantis is doing too. Talk must be paired with action if the left is to be defeated, and DeSantis’ speech gave the GOP a template for doing that.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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