Exposed: Antifa Militants Target Cops in Portland

Andy Ngo is one of the brave reporters who, at great physical and mental cost to himself, has done everything possible to expose Antifa as the vicious gang of thugs that it really is. Despite being attacked and brutalized by those vicious thugs, he’s kept on pressing and exposing their attacks on the basic pillars of civil society.

Most recently, he exposed, over the course of a massive Twitter thread Antifa’s involvement in a shooting, coverup of it, and targeting of individual police officers in Portland.

The story begins with a shooting in a Portland park, a shooting about which Ngo has this to say:

Last night there was a mass shooting in Portland at Normandale Park where armed #antifa & far-left militants were gathering for a direct action. One female is deceased & there are five others injured. #Antifa are claiming shooting was politically motivated

After the mass shooting involving #antifa at their gathering in Portland last night, they’re calling for comrades to delete evidence from social media & to not talk to investigators.

Involvement in a crime and then covering it up? Sounds about right for Antifa.

Then, later, Ngo added more details to who was involved in the shooting and what they’re typically up to, reporting that:

The group involved in the mass shooting last night in Portland is this group. They carry out armed direct actions where they attack people in public. This multiple-victim assault incident from May 2021 still has wanted suspects by Portland Police. Info:

After the assault, the Portland police department tried holding a press conference, but it was shut down by the typically violent and unreasonable Antifa thugs, as Ngo reported:

It’s from there that things went extremely badly. After shutting down the press conference, Antifa militants started acting like drug cartels in Mexico or the Taliban after its reconquista of Afghanistan, hunting down a police officer that opposed them. As Ngo reported:

#Antifa and far-left protesters followed and surrounded Lt. Nathan Sheppard of the @PortlandPolice after they shut down the press conference about last night’s mass shooting involving their comrades.

That is a level of thuggishness rarely seen in America. Police and groups like Antifa might hate each other, but it’s rare for even the mafia to go after individual police officers and hunt them down, even if only for harassment. That’s something out of a war-wracked third world nation, not the United States.

Yet it’s happening here because the government hasn’t treated Antifa like the terrorist group it is or stepped in to, at the very least, stop it from waging campaigns of harassment and sometimes violence against its political enemies.

Instead, leftists like Chris Wray pretend that Antifa is just an “idea” and let it keep throwing Molotov cocktails or tracking down and harassing individual police officers.

Blue states are turning into failed states; the ability of a thuggish group like Antifa to track down and harass cops in this manner is yet more evidence of that decline.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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