Get Woke Go Broke: Company Loses Tens of Thousands of Customers After Insulting Conservatives

President Trump wasn’t wrong when he famously said “everything woke turns to sh*t.” Indeed, that might have actually been an understatement; companies that go woke don’t just turn to sh*t, they also go broke.

That’s especially true if the woke companies aren’t a massive tech company that has the level of resources to power through conservative rage and boycotts.

Those smaller, woke companies are vulnerable if they infuriate their consumers, as Penzey’s Spices, a Milwaukee-based spice company, just found out.

That company, as the Federalist exposed, decided that a “Republicans are Racist” sale over MLK weekend would be a great idea and way to boost its consumer base. It, in a move only delusional leftists could have thought was a good idea, decided to send this message to its mailing list as a twisted promotion:

Remember how Republicans, going against a mountain of evidence to the contrary, once again lied and said BLM wasn’t a peaceful movement but instead terrorists inciting violence throughout the country and then raced out to buy a crapload of guns because maybe they were finally going to get their chance to shoot a Black person? What a bunch of racists.

Forget the part of it where the guy who sent the email, the company’s CEO, was attempting to profit off of spreading racial hate and division by saying that Republicans are just waiting for a chance to shoot blacks. That’s bad enough.

But, even worse, it’s not true. A huge number of people who bought guns during the BLM riots weren’t prepper types hoarding guns and ammo (not that those are looking for an opportunity to shoot blacks).

Rather, they were first-time gun buyers, many of them black, who feared that they wouldn’t be able to defend themselves, their families, and their possessions from rioters without a firearm. Oh, and the BLM riots were, in fact, riots. The billions of dollars of property damage is a testament to that.

But Penzey’s CEO didn’t care about those facts. He wanted to make money by virtue signaling and saying that Republicans are racists, so he sent the email.

Well, that didn’t go well for him or his company. Rather than bringing in an influx of anti-racist shoppers, it brought a Boycott Penzy movement that cost him tens of thousands of shoppers. As the Federalist reports, “Penzey informed supporters that his “Republicans are Racists” email cost his newsletter 40,005 subscribers—approximately 3 percent of its total.”

Due to that massive loss of customers, Penzey’s was forced to beg customers to buy gift cards to help it make up for the loss, saying:

After starting the year with All Republicans are Republicans and following up with Republicans are Racists we’ve set a nice little Boycott Penzeys! surge in motion. It certainly wasn’t unexpected, but if it’s within your means, you picking up a small stack of Gift Cards would help.

Despite the “get woke, go broke” line coming true, he didn’t learn his lesson. Rather, he doubled down on the woke rhetoric in the “please buy a gift card” email, saying:

If you can’t even begin to fathom how to ‘compromise’ with January 6th, or the Republican vaccine lies needlessly killing 10,000 Americans every week, if you have no desire to become half-way racist, and if their intent to destroy our climate for one thousand years to come doesn’t have you asking: ‘What if we just destroyed it for five-hundred years instead?’ we would be better off with you on this Voice Of Cooking email list.

Maybe he’ll have to beg his remaining anti-racist spice aficionados to buy more gift cards to make up for that; now you can’t like to spice your dinner if you think climate change isn’t a pressing threat or that people should be free to choose what medical care they want.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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