Here’s How Trump Advisor Stephen Miller is Helping Parents Take Down Woke School Boards

If there’s one problem right now that’s more pressing than any other, it’s the problem of woke school boards allowing far-left teachers to indoctrinate their young pupils and their labile minds with toxic, anti-American ideology.

Whether that means pushing Critical Race Theory, an openly racist ideology, on them, pushing LGBTQ nonsense on them, or “simply” teaching that America is a historical bad guy, it’s a major danger.

The youths are the ones that will own the future; if they’re all CRT-zombies or anti-American ideologues, it’s hard to imagine a particularly bright future for our republic.

So, the woke school boards and teachers need to be stopped. But, for the average parent, that poses a problem. Few parents have the time or cash to homeschool their kids or send them to private school, meaning that the issue must be fought over, not simply avoided.

Yet worse, the idea of staring down the government and winning is terrifying, if not laughably crazy, to most people. The Leviathan does what it wants: who could dream of taking it on and winning, especially if they have to expend their own scarce resources on doing so?

That’s where former Trump advisor Stephen Miller is stepping in and arming conservatives with the tools they so desperately need to take on the leftist Leviathan and have at least a fighting chance of winning.

That tool is a “form letter” that he released, a form letter that lets parents just fill in the details and then send off as a way to demand oversight over what their kids are learning. As Fox reports:

A nonprofit group led by former Trump policy adviser Stephen Miller launched a toolkit Wednesday aimed at helping parents assert their rights in reviewing their child’s school curriculum.

The new guide provided by America First Legal (AFL) highlights provisions in the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment of 1978 (PPRA) that gives parents the right to inspect all learning materials at schools that receive federal funding.

[…]According to AFL, the PPRA gives parents the right to inspect “any instructional material” used as part of a school’s education curriculum for the student and the school is not obliged to provide access to the information unless it is requested. It also said that under the PPRA, parents have the right to review and opt out of certain surveys and studies that ask students for personal information like religious and political leanings.

By filling out the letter Miller’s non-profit is providing and mailing it in, parents can demand that the school show them what it is teaching their kids. The hope is that doing so will expose and stop attempts to teach CRT.

Yet better, if they don’t like the political nature of what teachers are pushing on their kids, they can opt their kids out of it.

Speaking about the issue and letter to Fox, Miller had this to say:

“Part of the problem is that people don’t know about this law. They don’t know about their rights enshrined in federal statute, and that’s because teachers unions, the schools, the administrators and teachers themselves don’t want parents to know their rights. And so that’s where we come in.”

“The purpose of this endeavor from America First Legal is to let parents know what their current rights are under federal law – the kind of thing that groups like the ACLU should be doing but aren’t doing because they have fallen prey to a political agenda. They’re no longer in the business of defending civil rights and civil liberties.”

This is just a first step on the path to purging CRT from America’s schools, but it’s a good one. Hopefully, the letter will be a way for parents to actively seek out the pernicious, anti-American “education” materials being pushed on their kids and stop attempts to push that nonsense before they go too far.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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