House Republicans Reject Ridiculous Immigration Plan

Americans want less immigration, not more. While that’s true of legal immigration, it’s doubly true of illegal immigration, something that native-born Americans and those that legally immigrated here both see as a plague and flagrant violation of the law.

Well, normal Americans, right and left think that way. They see that immigration depresses wages, can see that illegal immigrants commit crimes, and want it to stop.

The elites, however, don’t. Whether RINO politicians, corporatist Democrats, or the corporate sponsors of both those groups, they like the cheap labor supply created by illegal immigration and want to keep that pipeline of unskilled workers flowing, whatever the cost to average Americans.

Hence the push for “amnesty” for illegals from RINOs and Democrats; amnesty would give their corporate backers the legal cover they need to keep hiring those illegals and would encourage yet more illegals to keep rushing here in the pipeline of cheap labor.

Well, House Republicans are finally taking a much more populist tack, buoyed by polls showing that voters want the GOP to take a tough stance on illegal immigration, and are rejecting the 2013 amnesty proposal that many RINOs were hoping would be the basis of an immigration policy platform moving forward. As Breitbart reports:

“Hispanic battleground voters think Republicans in Congress (42%) can do a better job of dealing with jobs and the economy than Democrats in Congress (35%),” says the February 17 report by the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC)

[…]The report’s release marks the semi-populist GOP’s informal ditching of the establishment wing’s long-standing claim that more amnesty and more immigration is the way to win Latino votes.

The more amnesty and immigration claim was the centerpiece of the controversial Growth and Opportunity Project report pushed by establishment Republicans after Gov. Mitt Romney was soundly beaten by President Barack Obama in 2012. The report was frequently described as the “postmortem” or “autopsy” report, and it described the establishment’s extensive and detailed plan for winning future presidential elections.

By rejecting that proposal, House Republicans are, in effect, choosing to side with their voters and constituents over the interests of the massive corporations and farming enterprises that want cheap labor to exploit as a way of keeping their costs down and profits up.

That choice is important not only because it means amnesty isn’t really on the table, which is welcome news to Americans frustrated and furious about the illegal immigration situation, but also because it places them alongside Trump, a noted illegal immigration hardliner, and against the Paul Ryan crowd.

As the battle for the soul of the GOP moves forward, Trump, DeSantis, and the MAGA wing will need more than Twitter warriors and a few firebrands echoing their viewpoints. Having the House side with them on that key piece of policy is good news, showing that many GOP reps are done with Ryan and his RINO vision of what should be done if and when the GOP reclaims power.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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