LOL: Another RINO Thinks He Has a 2024 Chance

Many laughs were had when RINO Mike Pence’s people started going around bizarrely claiming that the milquetoast former VP had a chance to win the presidency in 2024, even if a heavyweight like Trump or DeSantis won.

Where he got the idea that average Americans, many of whom are still furious, rightly or wrongly, with him for not using his power as VP to send the election back to the states, is unknown, but the contention is laughable. Milquetoast Mike has no chance in a primary against either Trump or DeSantis.

But, at least Mike has name recognition. Thanks to Trump, people know who he is and have a vague idea that he’s one of the Conservative, Inc.-type Republicans. That’s more than can be said for many of the RINOs whose heads are so far up their…social media feeds that they somehow think they have a chance in the 2024 primary.

One such RINO is Larry Hogan. Don’t know who he is? Nor does anyone else outside of the mid-Atlantic; he’s the timid conservative that’s governor of Maryland. Quite a success he’s been, as the Somalia-like failed state that is downtown Baltimore shows.

In any case, that RINO-no name appeared on CNN, which is never a good sign to begin with, and told all seven viewers of the pedo-prone network that he’s the man because he’d “get things done” in Washington.

What things? Well that’s the question. Probably he means signing a few diversity bills the left likes in the name of “bipartisanship” and then getting nothing else done. Watch him here:

As you can hear in the video, that comment came after Hogan was asked if “there’s a lane for a moderate-ish, blue state, anti-Trump, sane Republican like you, when you look at your party right now?”

He jumped at the opportunity to push himself as that guy and say that he had quite the chance to step in an beat the bad orange man, saying:

Well, I consider myself a commonsense conservative. I have been a lifelong Republican. I believe that that’s where most people in America are.

About 70 percent of the people in America are completely frustrated with politics on both sides, Republicans and Democrats. And the latest CNN poll came out and said, right now, only 50 percent of the Republicans would like to see Donald Trump run again.

Hogan then proved just how much of a “commonsense conservative” he is by criticizing the GOP at Tapper’s behest.

When Tapper, the host, asked “So, the battle for the soul of the Republican Party, are you losing it?“, Hogan again jumped at the chance to criticize the actual conservatives in his party, saying:

“Well, I think we have still got a long way to go. Like I said, we have until 2024. Right now, I think we have made tremendous progress, because we went from about 80-some percent that wanted to reelect Donald Trump to 50. That’s a huge drop.

But you’re — yes, I have been speaking out loudly and strongly about this battle for the soul of the party. To say it’s legitimate political discourse to attack the seat of our Capitol, and smash windows, and attack police officers, and threaten to hang vice president, and threaten to overthrow the election, it’s insanity.

And it’s a — there’s a circular firing squad where we attack Republicans. The Republican Party that I want to get back to is the one that believes in freedom and truth, and not one that attacks people who don’t swear 100 percent fealty to the dear leader.

That guy has an approximately zero percent chance of winning in 2024. No conservative in their right mind would vote for such a caricature of a tepid, loser RINO over a winner like Trump or DeSantis.

But you can count on CNN and the rest of the MSM trotting him out again and again as the “commonsense conservative” candidate that “sane Republicans” should vote for.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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