Obama Spotted Maskless while Surrounded by Masked Workers

Barack Obama is having a Nero-like, massive mansion built on an estate in Hawaii. It’s a multi-million dollar, extensive compound that’s currently under construction.

Recently, a photo of him visiting the Hawaii palace has gone viral because, in the photo, all the workers are wearing masks while Obama is standing around unmasked; masks, apparently, are only for the working class, not people like Obama that are their betters.

You can see that Obama is obviously unmasked, standing there in his polo and khakis and scowling while those he employs, the ones doing the physical work that a mask would make all the worse, remain masked up.

He’s also looking at the photographer and scowling. Whether that’s because he was annoyed with the state of the massive compound’s construction, just having a bad day, or angry that someone was snapping a photo of him standing around unmasked (or some mix thereof) was unreported.

However, the Daily Mail does note that he “had his arms crossed the entire time the group were discussing the next steps in building the massive compound, while at one point he appeared to be gesturing as he pointed out things that presumably needed to be addressed,” hinting that he might have been annoyed with the state of the construction.

Further, the Daily Mail notes that the construction of Obama’s beachfront palace “has been mired in controversy because the project used a planning loophole to retain a sea wall that is almost certainly causing beach erosion.

Currently, Obama is having three homes, two pools, and a security fence built on the massive Hawaii estate, one he purchased back in 2015, before he was out of office, for $8.7 million.

Though masks are not currently required when outside in Hawaii, social media went off on Obama, especially when quote tweeting the post Benny made; many were furious at the idea of one class of people having to remain masked while the upper class remained unmasked and others were predictably mad that Obama would build a mansion on the beach after ranting for years about climate change.

“The Democrats relentless disregard for the Mask Mandates they created is quite telling regarding where We The People stand in their minds. If they don’t submit, then why are we?”

Another Obammy oceanfront when they will all be under water from climate change?

Oops. Ruling class rules?

Obama’s mansion in Hawaii is literally right on the water. Why would a guy who believes the sea level is gonna rise to a degree it destroys coastlines build a house literally on the beach? It doesn’t pass any common sense test unless he doesn’t actually believe that.”

This isn’t the first time Obama has been involved in a masking hypocrisy situation. Back when his 60th birthday party was happening, all the many guests, people CNN described as “sophisticated” and thus not needing to follow the Covid rules they created, were masked up while the working class servers and waiters were masked.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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