Shocking: Crazy Teacher Uses Alarming CRT Lessons and Parents are Enraged

What are the wages of people like Judge Kato refusing to say that racial discrimination is wrong? More racial discrimination, namely in places run by leftists that see “reverse racism” (anti-white racism) as the only way to atone for the sins of past generations of Americans.

Most recently, that horrible racism was seen in New York, where a public school teacher allegedly had students line up based on their race and then had the white kids apologize to the black kids:

Oh, and then the same teacher forced the young kids to go on a “privilege walk,” where they take a certain number of steps based on their “privilege level,” which again means humiliating the white kids.

And has anything been done about the teacher that humiliated her white students in some sort of blood-guilt ceremony to atone for the sins of their ancestors? Nope.

So, to sum up what happened and what it does to students:

A teacher forced her students to line up based on their race, creating the impression that skin color matters, an impression that Americans in past generations spent so much time, blood, and effort trying to do away with.

Then, after creating the racial distinction between her students, one that can’t help but make a major impression on the labile minds of the youth, she had the white kids apologize to the black kids.

Why? For what? For being white. Because, in this sick, “anti-racist” world, bloodguilt has been brought back and now whites are supposed to atone for everything their ancestors did that the leftists in power now find objectionable. Because some plantation owners owned slaves, white kids in New York are being humiliated.

But she didn’t end it there. She then had them go on a humiliating “privilege walk.” That’s an activity where students all start on the same line and then have to take steps forward based on certain activities that the teacher claims shows “privilege.”

All that does is create distinctions between students, driving them apart based on race and wealth. Rather than letting her students make friends among people of different backgrounds, learning in the process that people from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds can get along and indeed have much in common, she intentionally drove them apart. For what can highlighting the supposed “privilege” of some do but make the privileged few uncomfortable and the others envious?

Then, after all that had happened and concerned parents, parents who wanted their kids educated in mathematics and reading, who wanted their kids to make friends and be comfortable at school, brought their concerns to the school board, it did nothing. It left the pro-segregation, pro-CRT teacher in power over students, free to warp their minds in line with her racist vision of the world.

Americans once strove to base their judgments of others on the basis of character rather than melanin or wealth. We struck down racist laws and prevented the formation of an aristocracy so merit would matter, not “privilege” or ethnicity. Now leftists like this sick teacher are doing away with all that in the name of anti-racism and CRT.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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