Watch: Crazy Academic Promotes Pedophilia in Horrifying Videos

Another day, another leftist taking to social media to defend something horrendous, in this case, pedophilia. And no, he doesn’t work at CNN, which just weathered its own pedo outbreak.

Nope, this pedophilia apologist is named Stephen Kershnar and he’s a professor at the State University of New York at Fredonia.

Kershnar, the perverted demon that he is, decided to post a video defending pedophilia and saying that not only is it not “obviously wrong” for adults to have sex with children, but that to call it “wrong” is a “mistake.”

Oh, and he went on to call “adult-child sex” what most sane, non-degenerate people call “statutory rape” or “pedophilic rape.”

While Kershnar probably wants the video to disappear, the internet is forever and the LibsofTikTok just posted it, so you can watch the monster defend raping children here:

Oh, and that’s not all. It goes on, with Kershnar saying more and more horrendous things, defending pedophilia and making absurd defenses of it and comparisons to it, even claiming that a young child “consenting” to sex with an adult is like that child “consenting” to play kickball. Here are the videos the LibsofTikTok provided:

But still that’s not all. He wrote a paper on it, claiming in the paper’s abstract that “nonforcible adult-child sex is thought to be morally wrong in part because it is nonconsensual. In this paper, I argue against this notion…

And what does he want done to reflect that conclusion of his, the demented idea that adults having sex with kids isn’t wrong? Well, he wants pedophilia to be something that is neither banned nor condemned.

But still it goes on. The insane, pro-child rape professor went on to say that there might even be “advantages” to allowing adults to have sex with children, as you can watch here:

But wait, there’s more! He also said that “adult-child sex,” aka pedophilic rape, is only bad because society views it as bad and not because the actual act of raping a child is a bad thing. Yes, he really said that, as you can watch here:

When is the FBI raiding his house and looking for the basement dungeon? If it’s not today, then I’ve lost all hope for humanity.

So far, the university he works for has said that it finds his views “reprehensible,” but hasn’t done anything other than release a pitifully short and meaningless statement:

“The matter is being reviewed.” What is there to review? The guy is promoting adults having sex with kids, which, by definition, is rape. That’s monstrous, vile, and utterly evil. Other than ensuring that the video isn’t a deepfake, what about his statements need to be reviewed?

Further, why is this the first thing we’ve heard from the university about the pedo professor? He wrote an academic paper on why pedophilia isn’t wrong and published a book titled “Pedophilia and Adult-Child Sex: A Philosophical Analysis” all the way back in 2015. Shouldn’t that have been a very big red flag that started the “review?”

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.


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