Watch: Megyn Kelly Has a Shocking Take on What’s About to Happen to CNN

Another CNN employee (CEO Jeff Zucker), couldn’t keep his organ in his pants, so we’re getting to see more chaos at that network of ill repute. Apparently, it’s gone from being a Democrat talking point production facility to that but with pedos and perverts. No wonder Democrats love it!

In any case, that sex scandal, another one in what has turned into a long string for CNN, could have major repercussions for the network, as it’s caused Chris Wallace to regret his decision to leave Fox for CNN and consider trying to get out of his agreement. If he’s thinking about it, so are others.

Yet worse for the network, there might still be more “shoes to drop,” at least according to Megyn Kelly. She went on Newsmax TV’s “Eric Bolling the Balance” to say so, as you can watch here:

In the interview, as you can see in the video, Kelly says “I’ll tell you what — the biggest takeaway for me today — because there will be more shoes to drop. Mark my words. But the biggest takeaway for me today –

At that point the host, Eric Bolling, interrupted her, saying “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, wait. Hold on, hold on. Megyn Kelly, don’t drop that bomb without following that up. What do you mean? There’s more issues to drop from CNN? What do you got?

Kelly replied with a nonanswer, saying “There’s nothing I can report to you now, but mark my words — there are more shoes to drop.

We’ll see, I suppose. Sounds too good to be true, but with the massive number of creepy sex scandals that have already rocked the place. From Toobin masturbating on Zoom to Lemon groping a guy at a bar, not to mention the two pedos CNN recently had to fire, there must be something in the water at that network. Or the leftists that work there got the wrong lesson from Brave New World.

In any case, Kelly went on to say “Well, now we know how. The boss had dirt of his own, and he was worried that they would turn the tables and point the finger at him, and now it’s happened. And there’s more to this story,” referring to the fact that the aforementioned perverts kept their jobs despite being caught in high-profile sex scandals and pinning that on Zucker having his own sexual…situation.

Unfortunately, Kelly didn’t provide more details, so we’ll have to wait and see if she’s got the story right or if CNN has somehow managed to finally fire all of its pedos and perverts.

Given how unlikely the latter is, it seems reasonable to expect that Kelly is at least somewhat right and that another shoe could soon drop over at CNN. For a network that’s already lost a huge chunk of its audience, that’s very bad news; how much degeneracy and humiliation will CNN’s audience put up with before turning off the network for good?

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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