Watch: Rubio Discusses Banning Importing Goods from Xinjiang, Calls Out those Woke Companies Profiting Off of It

Could America start banning goods from Xinjiang, that horrid Chinese province where the communists are using slave labor to produce cheap goods and genocidal tactics to erase the Uighurs?

Potentially, if GOP Senator Marco Rubio has his way. He, appearing on CBS’ “Face the Nation” to discuss the Russia and China situation with host Margaret Brennan, was asked by her what we could do to strike back against the Chinese. In her words:

Well, and as I mentioned, this alliance between Russia and China seems to be building. On China itself, more than one million Muslim- mostly Muslim minorities, are in detention camps in China. According to the State Department, they’re subject to forced sterilization, abortions, rape, torture, forced labor, restrictions on prayer, restrictions on movement. I know you’ve been working to try to restrict imports made by forced labor inside these camps. But is it really possible to clean up the supply chain because China is such an economic behemoth here?

Responding, Rubio gave a thorough, thoughtful response, shining light on how we might consider starting to wage economic war on the genocidal Chinese and limit the flow of goods produced by their slave gangs. In his words:

Well, a couple of things that we need to do, the first is we need to do this no matter what, because this country has to be a country that makes things again. If we’ve learned anything over the last couple of years is that you have to have a manufacturing and industrial capability and you can’t be dependent on foreign supply chains entirely, especially those located in a place like China because of a pandemic, a war or out of leverage against us.

You could be cut off and create an economic crisis. But the second is we’ve passed that bill. We passed a bill that says if something is made in a factory in that part of China, we are going to presume it’s made by slave labor and not allow it into the country unless companies can prove that that’s not the case.

So I think that will obviously address some of it, but ultimately the best thing we can do not just to not have supply chain disruptions, but also not to be so dependent on China, is to reindustrialize America, which was a terrible mistake when we sort of thought that we could be a great power and not be an industrial power.

Watch him here:

Reindustrializing America is, as Rubio notes, a must. Only by doing that can we overcome the Chinese industrial behemoth, ready ourselves for war, and create jobs for all those Americans left jobless thanks to globalization arriving at their doorstep.

But that wasn’t all he had to say. After being asked by the host which companies are the worst offenders in terms of importing those slave-labor produced goods, Rubio exposed the corporations profiting off slave labor the most, saying:

Obviously, I think there are many American companies like Nike and others that have definitely benefited from the supply chain that’s located in that part of the world. And- and the list could be even more extensive than that because there are people that are buying from subcontractors. Many of them know they’re sourcing material from that area. But- but they have continued or continue to allow it to happen. And so we saw the lobbying efforts of Apple, of Nike and others- and others just representative chambers arguing that this would raise the costs for consumers. But ultimately, it’s slave labor. 

Yes, that’s right, American companies, the same ones shouting about social justice, were lobbying to keep goods produced with slave labor flowing into the country. Fortunately, China hawks like Rubio are there to not just take on Red China, but also fight those companies profiting off of its horrific policies.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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