Watch: Russell Brand Decimates Brian Stelter in Hilarious Video

I’ll admit that Russell Brand confuses me, to a degree, at least. I thought of him as the funny but seemingly degenerate comedian that starred in such movies as “Get Him to the Greek” and “Bedtime Stories.” Funny movies, to be sure, but not necessarily think pieces.

Then, all of the sudden, he became a political philosopher that has some incisive, quite interesting takes on current events, politics, and philosophy. Though still a liberal, his positions are obviously thought through and he defends them as well as anyone can. Frankly, his turnaround has been as surprising as it is impressive.

Fortunately for all of us that laughed at his past movies, that comedy streak is still there. Yet better, he just turned the comedy big guns on CNN’s Brian “the Potato” Stelter, who he absolutely decimated in a recent video. Watch it here:

As a reference, Brand was taking fire at one of Stelter’s worst (and that’s really saying a lot, as his content is trash) segments, one that slandered Joe Rogan and bizarrely claimed that not all opinions are equal, with the implication being that CNN’s opinions are better. Sure, some opinions are better than others. But Mr. Potatohead’s are at the bottom of the barrel.

In any case, during the segment Stelter said:

You think about major newsrooms like CNN that have health departments and desks and operations that work hard on verifying information on COVID-19. And then you have talk show stars like Joe Rogan, who just wing it, who make it up as they go along.

And because figures like Rogan are trusted by people that don’t trust real newsrooms, we have tension, a problem that’s much bigger than Spotify, much bigger than any single platform, but that’s what is the heart of this right now.

Brand managed to mimic Stelter’s absurd speech perfectly while also adding little digs at the pudgy fool, saying things like “Well, why don’t people trust me? They trust Rogan, but I’m perfectly trustworthy! Look how loose my tie knot is!” Hilarious!

Noting the success of non-media figures compared to the MSM, particularly in this video of Brand’s, journalist Glenn Greenwald said “Note that Brand’s video has already been watched by 1.1 million people — far bigger than Stelter’s audience and double CNN’s prime-time shows.” Indeed, CNN’s ratings have been dropping faster than Biden’s approval rating.

And this isn’t Brand’s only recent attack on MSM narratives. He also recently jumped in to defend Canada’s truckers as they launch their rebellion against the Covid tyrants.

As Canada’s National Post reported, “Brand shared his opinions about the protest in 14-minute YouTube video called “Truckers Convoy: Why The Mainstream Media Blackout?!” In the video, he questions how truckers have gone from heroes, delivering goods at the start of the pandemic, to villains who are ‘loathed if they won’t participate and capitulate according to the wills of the powerful.”’

Continuing that diatribe and defending the tactics of the truckers, Brand said:

This is precisely what people need to do. You have to work out what your objectives are, work out how you’re going to pursue it, make sure you’re ideologically sound and that your conduct is fair. We’re dealing with a pretty nefarious machine that will say anything to shut down opposition to its intentions.

How right he is! Brand’s transformation is surprising, but I sure do support it!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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