WATCH: Sen. Scott Threatens Judgment Day for Clinton Campaign, Media Figures Involved in Spying on Trump

According to Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL), it’s time for the GOP to go after Hillary and her minions for spying on Trump, taking whatever action is necessary to hold them accountable for their perfidy before and after the 2016 election.

As you can hear in the video, Senator Scott is going on the offense against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, using Durham’s court filing heard round the world, one in which he accuses Hillary of paying a tech company to infiltrate Trump’s servers and spy on them, to press for “accountability.”

Speaking on that, Scott said “They spied and they lied,” Scott said Tuesday at the Capitol. “We need accountability. We need accountability for the Clinton campaign.”

And Hillary wasn’t the only one that Scott went on the attack against. He also slammed the media, which he accused of parroting leftist talking points, and slammed the Democrat kingpins that pushed those “Russia collusion” talking points on the media.

Speaking on that and hammering both the media and those top Democrats in the process, Senator Scott said:

They spied on the President of the United States,” he repeated. “They spied and they lied. We need accountability. We need accountability for the Clinton campaign, we need accountability for Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, because they were complicit in this. So, the media needs to start doing their job, talk about exactly what’s coming out, and hold these people accountable. On top of that, the attorney general – Garland – he needs to be out there making sure that Durham has all the resources he needs to do a thorough investigation.

That wasn’t all Scott said about the media. He also hit them specifically for their pro-Democrat tactics, saying:

For years the media parroted the Democrat narrative about Russian collusion. And now as we’re learning, week after week, that was a complete lie. The latest with the Durham report is that the Clinton campaign, the same group that fearmongered this Russian collusion, actually spied on the President of the United States.

We’ll see what form Sen. Scott’s “accountability” takes. While many on the right are rallying for the case to be treated as espionage, if not treason, both of which can be capital crimes, that’s unlikely.

In fact, given the power Clinton and her allies wield, criminal proceedings of any stripe are a bit of a stretch, if still possible.

However, what’s clear is that energy on the GOP side is building for something to be done about the situation, some form of action to, at the very least, ensure that this sort of scandal can’t and doesn’t happen again.

For example, House Intel Committee Member Rep. Mike Rogers (R-OH) appeared on Fox and said:

This is not only just scandalous, this should never happen again,” Rogers continued. “And I definitely agree with Devin Nunes (R-CA), there’s a number of areas where we need to change the laws. One of which is never allow the FBI to enter into a FISA court. Again, opposition research that they’ve gotten from a political campaign.”

That’s not much, but it would at least be something. Regardless of the strategy used, the GOP needs to do something to, as Sen. Scott put it, hold all the leftists involved in the scandal accountable.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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