Watch: Tucker Carlson HUMILIATES AOC in Hilarious Segment, AOC Freaks Out on Twitter Afterward

AOC, after being caught maskless in Florida, infamously claimed that she was only being criticized by Republicans because they wanted to date her.

Well, she might have topped that in a recent video in which she, while putting on makeup, looks into the camera and says “I’m alone today.”

Tucker, mocking her for it, repeated the line, saying I’m alone today,” then joked about what the line implied, saying “Is it just us, or does that sound like an invitation to a booty call? Maybe one step from, ‘What are you wearing?’ Either way, it’s a little strange.

That came at the end of his intro, which was a segment about a book called “Take Up Space: The Unprecedented AOC,” in which the authors claim, as Tucker read, “To say she is a feminist is to understate the facts. Ocasio-Cortez is the first politician in history to live fully out loud while female. And the degradations of womanhood are personal to her.”

Carlson, making fun of that line and others in the book, skewered AOC, saying “What exactly does that mean? Is it a ‘trans’ thing? Honestly, we don’t know, she’s definitely loud.”

He then continued the takedown of AOC and her vanity, saying “No one has done more personally to degrade American womanhood. She is neurotic and silly. She is far more frivolous than any 1950s housewife ever was.”

it was at that point that the makeup clip came up. Tucker, joking about AOC’s vapidity, said that all AOC does is put “on makeup while talking about herself.” Then, to prove his point, he played the booty call clip, in which that’s exactly what she was doing.

Well, AOC was none too pleased with Carlson’s ridiculing of her on air. Like most vain individuals, she lost it at the first drop of criticism, letting loose on Twitter about how Carlson’s comments were “unsafe.” In her words:

Remember when the right wing had a meltdown when I suggested they exhibit obsessive impulses around young women? Well now Tucker Carlson is wishing for… this on national TV. You’re a creep bro. If you’re this easy w/ sexual harassment on air, how are you treating your staff?

Any man that talks like this will treat any woman like this. Doesn’t matter if you’re Republican, Democrat, or neither, this is clearly not a safe person to leave alone w/ women. Once again, the existence of a wife or daughters doesn’t make a man good. And this one is basura

But that wasn’t all. She got angry again later, saying:

I genuinely want to know why Tucker Carlson is allowed/paid to engage in clear, targeted, libelous harassment that endangers people &drives so many violent threats that ppl have to fundraise for their own safety. Why should they have to pay for his harassment? Make it make sense

It’s not within the realm of political commentary, & it’s not just me. He regularly targets people that do not have access to resources for protection. Once he gets to fantasizing about “booty calls” of women on national TV I cease to see the political value outside of incitement

If his goal was to infuriate her then he succeeded, likely beyond his wildest imagination. Her freakout was legendary.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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