Watch: WEF Pushes CRT in Insane Video

What is the World Economic Forum (WEF) up to when it’s not pushing Klaus Schwab’s now-infamous Great Reset? Pushing Critical Race Theory, apparently.

It did so in a recent video it started pushing on Twitter, one which frames itself as an unbiased “explanation” of the critical race theory ideology but then quickly morphs into a full-throated defense of the pernicious ideology. Watch it here:

The almost two-minute long video is utterly insane and, as anyone who understands what CRT is can easily see, maliciously misleading and meant to convince average people that CRT isn’t all that bad rather than convince them of its merits.

The clip begins with a semi-objective tone, introducing the topic by saying that CRT as a theory was “first developed by US legal scholars in the 1980s.” So far so true, as it is closely related to Critical Legal Theory.

Then describing what CRT is and what it says, the WEF video says that CRT “argues that the laws, rules and, regulations that govern society today have been shaped by the historical subordination of people of colour and that this is a driving force behind racial inequality today.”

Again, that’s mostly accurate, if it makes what are essentially race-based arguments sound somewhat benight.

It’s after that brief introduction that the video launches the pro-CRT blitz, beginning with an “example” of that supposed inequality and systemic racism (if you’ll notice, it’s only able to give one example, and a weak one at that).

The example, of course, is the much-discussed topic of the proportionally high (by race, not crime rate) number of black men incarcerated in America.

Speaking on that, it says “Take the US criminal justice system, for example. While everyone is seen as equal under the law, Black Americans are imprisoned at 5 times the rate of white people.”

Rather than explaining relative crime rates and why that might be, it goes ahead and frames the system as racist, saying “CRT says this disparity is a legacy of America’s racist past.

The intention of the video is obviously to make that explanation sound reasonable, something proved by its comment that CRT’s opponents complain that it “paints all white people as bigots.

Not that they think the information is inaccurate or that its defenses are wrong, that counter-argument would have been too reasonable. Instead, the WEF frames it as white people being upset about their racist justice system being called out and then yelling “bigotry” in response. By framing the issue in that way, it’s obviously trying to make CRT seem far more reasonable.

It then goes on to defend the idea of systemic racism that is pushed by many CRT promoters, saying that “a system doesn’t need racists working within it to produce racially imbalanced outcomes.” 

With that comment, it’s making it sound like even if there aren’t racists promoting policies anymore, the policies themselves are still racist. Thus, CRT pushers need offer no evidence of racists or racist policies, they need only cry racism when describing any policy they don’t like.

Similarly, it says “Most importantly, it recognizes that racism is not a relic of the past and that by understanding its underlying causes we can start to build a more just society.” No evidence is offered of that, a decision likely justified by the preceding statement that racists need not even be around for the system to be racist. You’re just supposed to accept it and go along with whatever they push as the solution.

What the WEF is pushing is morally and factually wrong. We need to stand up to its Great Reset agenda and CRT claims.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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