White House Won’t Answer Questions about Durham Bombshell

Team Biden hasn’t been the best about answering questions. Whereas Trump would always stop and talk to the press, a quality that kept America informed but wasn’t always in his best interest, Biden rarely speaks to the press and his officials are little better.

He, when asked questions at the end of prepared remarks, is often just ushered off stage before he has a chance to respond and Psaki, his press secretary, is known for refusing to answer the questions of reporters in the White House press pool.

Well, that refusing to answer questions about important issues trend is continuing during the uproar surrounding the massive bombshell dropped by Durham, the story that lawyers and techies associated with the Clinton Campaign spied on the Trump team both before and during his presidency, perhaps even with the help of the CIA.

In fact, it wasn’t until White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and FNC’s Jacqui Heinrich went back and forth on the story that the White House even began to talk about the story, and even then little of note was said. Here’s that back and forth exchange:

Heinrich: [T]his news about the Durham investigation: Does the President have any concerns about a candidate for president using computer experts to infiltrate computer systems of competing candidates, or even the president-elect to — for the goal of creating a narrative? Is that something that —

Jean-Pierre: That’s something I can’t speak to from this podium, so I refer you to the Department of Justice.

Heinrich: Is what [sic] being described in that report — monitoring internet traffic — is that spying?

Jean-Pierre: Again, I can’t speak to that report. I refer you to the Department of Justice.

Heinrich: Generally speaking though, would monitoring internet traffic be —

Jean-Pierre: Jacqui, my answer is not going to change. I refer you to the Department of Justice.

Heinrich: Okay.

Jean-Pierre: I can’t speak to that from here.

Watch that back and forth here:

Since then, the White House has largely kept quiet on the issue, with Psaki refusing to say much and no one else daring to speak out and talk about the issue.

And it’s not just the White House that is keeping quiet on the story. The media is too, as Liberty Nation reported:

Despite all this, as of noon on Monday, Feb. 14 – three days after the story dropped – the vast majority of the Biden-friendly media had been largely silent on the whole affair.

Liberty Nation delved deep into the digital pages of ten of the nation’s leading news purveyors that slant left, including CNN, ABC, MSNBC, The New York Times, and others. The outlets were chosen in consultation with LN staff.

We then ran searches of all ten sites for the words “John Durham,” and, where possible, we sorted by “newest” and then “relevance.” There was almost zero coverage of the bombshell story of the year.

If the story were untrue, or even if they had a viable lie with which they could combat it, the leftists would be all over reporting on the story and “debunking” it. But they’ve barely said a word and appear to be just hoping the story goes away. Looks like Durham’s allegations might be true.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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