1619 Project Author Makes Ridiculous Claims about Tipping and Slavery

Occasionally, leftists make good points. Bernie Sanders, for example, at least used to be an advocate of restricting immigration because he saw how deleterious immigration is for the average American worker. He’s radical, but at least was able to see clearly on one issue.

Nikole Hannah Jones, who goes by Ida Bae Wells on Twitter, however, is not one of the leftists that makes good points from time. She’s as vapid as she seems from even a cursory glance at her magnum opus: the oft-derided 1619 Project, a work of “fake history.

She does, however, make points so ridiculous that they can’t be ignored, as would be ideal, but must be called out. Given that her “work” (read: writing down of race-based delusions) is primarily a grievance study about slavery, most of those ridiculous claims have something to do with that peculiar institution.

Well, she recently dropped one of those with a claim about tipping, a claim so utterly absurd that it can’t be ignored.

Tipping is a legacy of slavery and if it’s not optional then it shouldn’t be a tip but simply included in the bill. Have you ever stopped to think why we tip, like why tipping is a practice in the US and almost nowhere else?

Yeah, because slave owners always tipped their slaves! Of course. It’s not like tipping is a way of keeping restaurant costs down while also rewarding good service! It’s about slavery, as is everything else apparently.

Well, of course, the absurd tweet kicked of a firestorm, with many on the platform savaging her for the claim. So, rather than stand by her claim, she hedged and started going back on what she meant, saying:

I didn’t say Americans invented tipping, or at least that’s not what I meant to imply. I meant the widespread practice of paying people less and expecting them to earn income from tipping instead as opposed to extra money on top of wages is a legacy of slavery.

Despite that subsequent hedging, she even defended the absurd tweet later, saying:

Wait. Am I being publicly shamed and shunned for tweeting about tipping a and the legacy of slavery? Am I experiencing the theft of my free speech rights because I put out an unpopular view and am being mocked on Twitter? Omigod, conservatives are right. Cancel culture is real!

I am being silenced, y’all, because mean people are piling on on Twitter. I would join these conservative groups fighting back against the intolerant, free-speech-opposing left except all the people trying to cancel me are conservative. Damn, what is a girl to do?

How bold of her to assume her own gender and say “girl” in these interesting times.

In any case, shortly after being savaged for her vapidity and childishness, she of course fell back on the “I was just joking” defense sayingY’ALL, this was satire.” Sure it was. Can the 1619 Project be satire too?

Given that she doesn’t even know when the Civil War started, it certainly should be. Good thing most people already take everything she says as a joke, if not a particularly good one.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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