Amazing: Wyoming to Defund UW’s Gender Studies Program

If there were one college major that summed up everything wrong with the world, what would it be? Probably gender studies.

According to UCLA (we’ll trust the woke Californians to know about such a woke topic), “Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on the complex interaction of gender with other identity markers such as race, ethnicity, sexuality, nation, and religion. Gender— femininity and masculinity—is such a basic form of social organization that its operation often passes unnoticed. Feminist scholarship demonstrates that traditional categories used for social analysis and their accompanying interpretive approaches often reinforce gender hierarchies and inequalities.

Further, here are a few of the “important” questions that gender studies programs attempt to answer:

  • Is gender different from sex?
  • Is gender inequality based on biological differences between men and women?
  • Is sexual orientation genetic, personal choice, both, or neither?
  • What is the meaning of transgender and is it the same as intersex?

Weighty stuff. Surely worth $80k a year to learn about.

Unfortunately for leftists, aspiring HR managers, and the grifters who have made their livelihoods off of pushing the pure hogwash that is CRT, in Wyoming, at least, the Wyoming Senate just voted to defund gender studies:

Reporting on the Senate vote, a massive culture war victory for conservatives, Wyoming Public Media reported:

The Wyoming Senate voted 16 to 14 to eliminate the University of Wyoming Gender Studies program with a budget amendment.

The amendment came from Lingle Sen. Cheri Steinmetz, a member of the appropriations committee, who was reviewing course offerings at UW and thought some of the topics were extreme.

“It’s one that’s caused me to lose some sleep because as being (one of) the folks that deal with the public funds going to this University, I felt that this was one that our constituents, I know certainly mine, wouldn’t agree with,” said Steinmetz. “And I would challenge any of you to take this home to your constituents and ask them what they think of it.”

Casper Sen. Charles Scott said, “this is extremely biased, ideologically driven that I can’t see any academically legitimacy to.”

It would be hard to overstate the importance of the decision, especially if other red states decide to follow suit and take on the gender studies programs infecting the labile minds of the youths in their states.

Why? Because of all the trickle-down effects that the decision will have.

Not only will leftist administrators get mad and start rending their garments while weeping, which is always fun to watch, but all those that perpetuate the gender studies pipeline will be damaged.

For example, the schools that normally hire gender studies wackjobs won’t be able to any more; they’ll have to hire normal people.

Similarly, the HR managers that have turned American companies into woke safe spaces will have trouble finding underlings, as will the woke administrators that rely on gender studies loons to flesh out their woke Stasi departments.

This vote is a massive win. Now other red states need to follow suit.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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