China is Targeting this Congressional Candidate

While the rest of the world often chastizes America for daring to intervene in their affairs and act in the way it thinks is best from the perspective of its own interests, slandering US efforts to act abroad as “American imperialism,” it’s just as true that some of those nations are trying to intervene in America.

One such nation is China. Always quick to attack any Western attempt to intervene or call out what’s happening within its borders, something that was perhaps most glaring when the Red Chinese took over and brutalized Hong Kong, the Red Chinese are frequently involved within America’s borders.

From the Confucius Institute chapters that push CCP lines at universities to Chinese spies like Fang Fang getting close to US lawmakers, from offering investment opportunities to members of Congress to infiltrating US companies and research institutions, the Chinese are heavily involved with shaping events, conducting espionage, and building relationships with lawmakers within America’s border.

And now, according to the DOJ, the Red Chinese are actively targeting a particular US Congressional candidate. Describing that espionage in a press release, the DOJ said:

Two complaints were unsealed, and one amended complaint was authorized today in federal court charging five defendants with various crimes related to efforts by the secret police of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to stalk, harass and spy on Chinese nationals residing in Queens, New York, and elsewhere in the United States.

Fan “Frank” Liu and Matthew Ziburis were arrested yesterday in the Eastern District of New York, while Shujun Wang was arrested this morning in the Eastern District of New York. Their initial appearances are scheduled this afternoon in Brooklyn before U.S. Magistrate Judge James R. Cho. The other two defendants remain at large. 

According to court documents, all the defendants allegedly perpetrated transnational repression schemes to target U.S. residents whose political views and actions are disfavored by the PRC government, such as advocating for democracy in the PRC. In one of these schemes, the co-conspirators sought to interfere with federal elections by allegedly orchestrating a campaign to undermine the U.S. congressional candidacy of a U.S. military veteran who was a leader of the 1989 pro-democracy demonstrations in Beijing, PRC. In another of these schemes, three defendants planned to destroy the artwork of a PRC national residing in Los Angeles that was critical of the PRC government, and planted surveillance equipment in the artist’s workplace and car to spy on him from the PRC.

Chinese spies were actively attempting to influence an American congressional race by targeting a congressional candidate, attempting to undermine his campaign because of his stance on the CCP!

Red China is not and cannot be America’s friend, nor should we listen to its pearl-clutching, hand-wringing nonsense about our involvement abroad. As the DOJ has just shown, Red China means to do us harm and actively influence our political process. That’s something we can’t forget the next time the CCP starts attacking “American Imperialism”.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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