Hundreds of Millions Spent on Healthcare for this Select Group of Illegals Alone

According to ICE, providing healthcare to the lawbreakers that it catches is a “key part” of what it does. In fact, in its words:

Providing healthcare to the detained population is a key component of ERO’s work. The ICE Health Service Corps (IHSC), a component within ERO, is committed to providing the safe delivery of highquality health care to those in ICE custody and strives to be the best health care delivery system in detention and correctional health care.

So, how many of your tax dollars did it spend on that “key component” of its work, a “key component” that probably means giving the lawbreakers access to far better healthcare than they would have received at home. $316 million.

Yes, really. According to the same report that called healthcare a key component of its duties, the agency reports that:

ICE executed a budget exceeding $316 million on medical, mental health, dental, and public health services to detainees.

And that’s not for the vast number of illegal immigrants that are currently living in the US, a number that FAIR estimatesapproximately 14.3 million illegal aliens residing within the United States.

And that was before 2 million or so illegals crossed the US-Mexico border during Joe Biden’s first year alone.

No, this $316 million line item was spent on a paltry few hundred thousand illegals, the ones that are currently in ICE custody. As the agency reports in the aforementioned report:

IHSC administered a health system that delivered health care to approximately 88,000 detainees at 21 facilities nationwide and oversaw health care for more than 169,000 additional detainees housed in 150 non-IHSC- staffed facilities nationwide

What those hundreds of millions of dollars bought for 257,000 illegals, a cost of over a million dollars per illegal, was, again according to the ICE report “88,430 intake screenings, 13,622 emergency room visits, 8,497 dental visits, 12,041 urgent care visits, 78,202 sick calls, and 46,496 mental health interventions.

That’s bad news for the American taxpayer, not only because the more than a million dollars spent per illegal is a ridiculous number, but also because the government is spending that prodigious sum at a time when many Americans are uninsured. As Breitbart reports:

The figure comes as the U.S. Census Bureau shows that about 28 million Americans, nearly nine percent of the population, were uninsured as of 2020. That total, though, does not include tens of millions of working- and middle-class Americans who are insured but who struggle to cover the costs and often put off doctor and dentist visits as a result.

Already, taxpayers are forced to subsidize about $18.5 billion of yearly medical costs for illegal aliens living in the U.S., according to estimates by Chris Conover, formerly of the Center for Health Policy and Inequalities Research at Duke University.

The government is spending billions and billions of your dollars not only on providing government healthcare, but on providing it to people that shouldn’t even be here in the first place, on illegals that should be deported for crossing the border illegally. Thanks, Biden!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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