“Invasion”: AZ Governor Pledges to Do this to Stop Illegal Immigration Problem

One of the worst parts of the Biden regime so far has been his border policy. Rather than trying to lock down the border and keep out illegal immigrants, Biden has let a massive wave of humanity, perhaps 2 million or more people, cross the border in the past year alone.

And that mob of humanity has brought crime with it; while all illegal immigrants are criminals (they crossed the border illegally), not all are violent criminals. But some are. Some commit vicious crimes, crimes that wreck the lives of Americans, the people who actually should be living in this country.

One such example of that violent crime brought here by illegals is the case of the Florida couple that was brutally murdered–slashed to death–by an illegal immigrant, by a savage sociopath that shouldn’t have even been in the country in the first place. But he was, and they died.

So, the illegal immigrants must be stopped, the tidal wave of an immigrant invasion of our southern border must be stopped if Americans are to be protected from the vicious crimes that they brought with them when they came here illegally. Biden won’t do that, so now governors need to step up and protect their citizens.

One governor hopeful pledging to do just that is Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, a GOP candidate who’s been endorsed by former President Donald Trump. Speaking in an interview with Just the News, she highlighted just how bad the illegal immigrant invasion problem could get, saying:

We already have a tsunami at our border with this invasion [but that’s] nothing compared to what’s about to hit us when Title 42 is pulled away.”

Title 42 is an authority that gives the government the ability to more quickly deport illegal immigrants. The Biden Administration, for whatever woke reason, is planning on getting rid of it, a disastrously bad idea that many predict will lead to a “mass migration event.”

Well, Lake isn’t willing to sit idly by as her state is swamped by illegals thanks to Biden. She pledged to send armed troops to stop the invasion, as Just the News reported. In its words:

If elected governor, Lake told editor-in-chief John Solomon and co-host Amanda Head that she would issue a declaration of invasion to protect Arizonians from “imminent danger.”

Under the declaration, the Arizona Republican said she plans on sending the state’s National Guard to the border and allowing the service members to arrest and “send back” illegal immigrants.

“It’s pretty simple. You protect your people. And that needs to be done. And right now our government’s failing on that,” she said  before proposing that GOP-controlled border states could work together to “protect this country from the invasion that’s happening at the border.”

She’s right. The government has a duty to protect its people from invaders and criminals. Biden and those governors that allow illegal immigration are doing the opposite. They must be stopped.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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