NASA Official Goes on Deranged Rant about Fossil Fuel Industry

On Sunday afternoon, a Twitter blue check went on a deranged rant about the fossil fuel industry, saying:

Of COURSE getting off of fossil fuels and onto renewables is a matter of national security. Fuck the fossil fuel industry and its disinformation and influence gaming.

Sounds about par for the course, until you realize who it’s coming from. Peter Kalmus, the one savagely attacking a major American industry, is a NASA climate scientist.

Yes, really. He works for the government and he’s viciously attacking an entire industry. Think the agencies are neutral, think again.

What’s important to contemplate is what this tweet means and what it shows.

Kalmus, as a climate scientist for NASA, is one of the ones who is supposedly studying trends and trying to game them out to determine which way the climate will go and what current factors are affecting the current climate and how they’ll affect the climate long term.

Those predictions then, theoretically at least, more or less lead into regulations meant to stop the climate from going the “wrong” way.

It’s hubristic to think we can game out the climate over a hundred years or so and then pass regulations to fix it, perhaps, but that’s how this sort of thing works.

As part of that research, don’t you think the fossil fuel industry and its products play a role? Don’t you think Kalmus has to study the fossil fuel industry and try to determine its role on the climate?

Now, perhaps he’s a man of the highest moral integrity and never lets his personal views on the fossil fuel industry, which seem to be “f*** the fossil fuel industry,” in any way alter the outcome of his research.

But, then again, his angry rant on social media makes him look all too human. So, perhaps, do you think his generally antagonistic relationship with the industry might seep into his predictions, which then influences regulation, which then makes life harder for fossil fuel producers?

It’s just a thought, and, again, Kalmus could be of the highest moral integrity. But its easy to see how his obviously strong views could seep into his “research” and then affect both his predictions and the regulations meant to correct things, with the end result being that companies are unfairly punished because the person behind investigating the way their activities will change the climate is biased.

Even if that’s not happening with Kalmus, it’s certainly true of at least some climate researchers, many of whom are equally against fossil fuel production.

Well, the one bright spot is that Kalmus was torn apart by Twitter. One commenter, for example, said:

Tell me you want millions if not billions of people to die. Without telling me you want millions if not billions of people to die.

Another hit him for forgetting that everything for “renewables” has to be mined too, saying:

Where do the metals come from to make the batteries for EVs? What is charging those batteries in most cases? There’s nothing green about EVs nor do they or windmills and solar panels make us more secure, especially as these same morons oppose Nuclear.

Nothing says “national security” like “become dependent on China for renewables components rather than energy independent via fossil fuels.

Sometimes I wonder how people can be so ignorant. Just run jets off of solar I guess

Remember when Americans in prestigious positions actually cared about what happened to America? Now the people who should be in positions of trustworthy authority are more worried about saying things like “Fuck fossil fuels” than they are in doing things that actually make sense.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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