One Trump-Backed Senator’s Plan to Tackle the Illegal Immigration Enablers

One of the best points that Rep. Mo Brooks made in his savaging of Biden’s border failure is that one of the main reasons for illegal immigration is that a gang of RINOs and wimpy Republicans allow it because the cheap labor provided by it benefits their corporate interests.

Well, Senator John Boozman, a Republican from Arkansas, has a plan to strike back at them and end that. How? By putting the hurt on anyone who employs them once they get here, by holding the employers of illegal immigrants accountable. As he told Breitbart:

We need to do a couple things: We need to beef up the E-Verify system and make that mandatory. We need to make it such that we do hold employers accountable — they don’t need to be the immigration agents.

But certainly, keep the Remain in Mexico policy. And so importantly, we need to announce to the world that we’re back to keeping folks out that don’t belong here, and securing the border, and making it such that it’s going to be very difficult if you try.”

Boozman is also against a policy that many Democrats and RINOs support: amnesty for illegals.

Speaking on that issue and ripping into the calls for amnesty, Sen. Boozman said:

My thing is amnesty rewards behavior that you don’t want. It was kind of like, ‘let’s do amnesty and then we’ll secure the border at a later date or promise to do this.’

That’s essentially what happened with President Reagan. He got snookered into the same thing where you have the amnesty provision going forward, but the border never gets secured. If you don’t secure the border, then you’re right back in the same situation.

Then, continuing on his discussion of why he’s against amnesty and praising Trump’s way of dealing with the issue, Boozman said:

So, for many, many reasons, I was adamantly opposed [to the Gang of Eight] and you’re right — it has moved in the right direction. President Trump not only campaigned on it, but unlike so many others, he actually did something about it. When he got to office, he looked at the areas that needed to be beefed up on the border through additional fencing and electronic sensors and did a good job of that.

And he instituted the Remain in Mexico policy so that, if you were seeking asylum, you knew you weren’t going to be in the United States waiting for the backlog of hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people and, again, allowing you to be here without any problem.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Boozman emphasized why illegal immigration needs to be dealt with so severely: many illegal immigrants commit crimes and prey upon the law-abiding American populace. Describing that and emphasizing why advertisements that humanize the families negatively affected by illegal immigrants, Boozman said:

It’s one thing if you say it, it’s another thing if I say it in the situations where we’re at, but when you’ve got a lady who’s so compelling and just tells her story and the tragedy that fell upon her family. This simply didn’t need to happen. That’s something that does grip the hearts of the American public and really does humanize — we can look at statistics, we can talk about two million people, we can talk about crimes committed.

Certainly, everybody that comes over here doesn’t commit crimes, but you get in a situation now where the Biden administration is so crazy in the sense that they won’t deport anybody. Her message is compelling; I think it puts a real face on what we’re facing. Because of that, it’s something that the average person can relate to, and it’s something I think is very effective in telling the message.”

Boozman is right. Illegal immigration needs to be dealt with and the American people protected. Holding their employers accountable seems like a good start.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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