Sorry RINOs and Dems: Trump Just Got More Great News

RINOs and Conservative, Inc. weaklings keep publishing crowing articles about how Trump’s days are numbered. The losers working for the Bulwark, the spineless, milquetoast Republicans lining up behind Pence or Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, and all the others that are too timid to support the MAGA movement are obvious in their desires to push Trump out and keep pretending that they’re winning.

Similarly, the Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media keep pushing out stories about how terrible Trump is, presumably hoping that the USS Trump will crash on the shoals of public opinion if Brian Stelter makes one more snarky remark or the Huffington Post publishes one more story about how terrible Trump is.

Well, some bad news for those RINOs and Democrats just dropped: Trump is still far more popular than most any of them. In fact, according to the Real Clear Politics combination of polls, a compilation of favorability ratings that shows who’s the top dog in American politics found that the bad orange man is far and away the king of the hill.

Biden, for example, has a 42.5% favorability rating and a 52.8% unfavorability rating, meaning that he’s a little over 10 percentage points underwater in his favorability ratings. Also on the Democrat side, there’s Kamala Harris, who’s 15.5 points underwater and has an abysmal 36.5% favorability rating. Oh, and Pelosi is even more underwater (22.2 points) as is Chuck Schumer (17.7 points).

On the Conservative, Inc. side, McConnell has the worst rating of all: he has only a 24.3% favorability rating and is 33.5 points underwater. Kevin McCarthy is more in line with the Democrats; he’s “only” 16.6 points underwater.

Trump, however, blows all those losers out of the water: he has a 45% approval rating and 50.6% disapproval rating, so he’s just 5.6 points underwater, far better than any of the competition and about as good as can be expected in these highly contentious times. The poll does not include DeSantis.

John Nolte, describing those results in an article for Breitbart, noted that:

Keep in mind these are averages. This is not some outlier poll. Currently, Trump has the highest favorable rating and is only -5.6 points underwater. The closest to him is His Fraudulency Joe Biden, who nearly doubles that number with -10.3 points underwater.

There are several factors at work here… First, Trump’s 2024 campaign slogan could simply be, “Had Enough?” The comparison between the prosperous and peaceful Trump years, especially the first three years, to the 24/7 horror we’re living through under Biden is striking and undeniable.

What’s key is that Trump is, even if underwater, far more popular than any of the competition. The closest is Biden, who’s twice as far under as Trump and seems to be getting more unpopular by the day.

Trump obviously wants to be president again, as the constant hints he drops show. If he wants the White House, it looks like all he has to do is keep the MAGA movement alive as his enemies implode.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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