The Catholic League Calls This Biden Comment “Orwellian”

Though he didn’t find the time to bring up the Marines his policies got killed in Afghanistan during his State of the Union address, Biden did have time to give a long-winded defense of abortion “rights.” Speaking on that topic, the senile president said:

Folks, advancing liberty and justice also requires protecting the rights of women.  The constitutional right affirmed by Roe v. Wade, standing precedent for half a century, is under attack as never before.

If you want to go forward not backwards, we must protect access to healthcare; preserve a woman’s right to choose; and continue to advance maternal healthcare for all Americans.

Well, Mr. Donahue of the Catholic League, a group that describes its mission as “When slanderous assaults are made against the Catholic Church, the Catholic League hits the newspapers, television, and radio talk shows defending the right of the Church to promote its teachings with as much verve as any other institution in society,” ripped Biden for that portion of his speech in a scathing article titled “BIDEN’S ORWELLIAN LANGUAGE ON SEXUALITY.

Tearing into Biden in the article, Donahue says:

We all know that abortion means the killing of an unborn baby, but almost none of those in the pro-abortion camp likes to say such things. Biden addressed this issue by saying, “Folks, advancing liberty and justice also requires protecting the rights of women.”

He did not mean the right of women to be free from sexual harassment in the workplace, or the right of women to exclusively compete with other women in women’s sports (which he rejects). He meant the right to abort their child.

Then, later in the remarks, Donahue blasted Biden’s description of abortion, the murder of a baby, as “healthcare,” saying that such a description was “Orwellian.” In his words:

In other words, aborting babies is healthcare. That itself is Orwellian. He never tells us what the woman is choosing to do. To put it differently, what is the object of the verb “choose”? Why can’t he say what it is?

Saying things such as “Maternal healthcare for all Americans” is total nonsense. Maternal healthcare cannot possibly be for men, so why not simply say, “maternal healthcare for women.” That’s because in his mind, sex is not an objective reality—there are men who believe they are a woman, so to speak about “maternal healthcare for women” would leave these sexually confused men out.

That article is yet more bad news for Biden, who has staked much of his claim of being a “moderate” on his Catholic faith.

Well, based on his defense of abortion, something the Catholic church is firmly against, in his State of the Union address, it sure looks like Biden is drifting away from that “moderate,” Catholic inclination and is leaning far more toward being a leftist radical.

At a time when he and his party are already being hit for the deleterious effects and radical nature of his policies, that’s a bold move, one that’s unlikely to pay off.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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