“Third World Reporters”: Grenell Slams Fake News Media

How do reporters living under the rule of some third-world dictator, whether he be a leftist guerilla-turned-dear leader or right-wing generalissimo turned cigar-chomping dictator, act?

The ones with a death wish criticize the regime. The ones that want to live and remain in the good graces of the dear leader blindly and sycophantically praise the regime and everything it does, with no word of praise being repeated too often or seen as too fawning.

Well, Ric Grenell, a former American ambassador to Germany and the acting intelligence chief under President Trump, recently skewered the American media as acting just like those banana republic reporters, saying, during an appearance on Just the News’ podcast:

Look, I have been all over the world. And I’ve watched third world reporters who literally are stenographers for the ruling party. I’ve seen the damage that they do, to not only the truth, but to journalism. And we have a crisis.

“We have way too many outlets who just parrot the ruling party. And I think conservatives have got to stop asking for this Washington crowd to reform or change itself. It’s never going to. They love their city, they want the city to be big and well-funded.”

He has a point, especially when talking about blindly pro-regime outlets like CNN and MSNBC; to them, the truth always comes second to boosting the far-left.

But that wasn’t all that Grenell said during his podcast interview with Just the News’ John Solomon. He, a former ambassador, also ripped into Secretary of State Blinken, saying:

I know a lot of world leaders and ambassadors around the globe, and, you know, they just think that he is a lightweight — he doesn’t do diplomacy with muscle.”

If only he’d moved on from Blinken to discuss cackling Kamala’s “diplomacy,” particularly her cackling non-answer in Poland.

But, alas, he didn’t. Rather, he moved on to slamming former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, first on the topic of Nord Stream II then on the issue of how she wrecked Germany’s foreign policy.

Speaking on the topic of Nord Stream II, he said:

The European Parliament, when I was there in Berlin under the Trump administration, European Parliament told Merkel and the Germans, ‘Don’t build Nord Stream 2. We don’t think it’s good for Europe.’

[T]he Senate Democrats never heard from the rest of the Europeans on that. They only heard Merkel and her team and they would just say, ‘Oh, Europe, you know, wants this energy.’ No, Europe didn’t, Germany did, and quit defining Europe by just what the Germans want.

Then, on the German foreign policy issue, Grenell said that Merkel:

moved Europe, and specifically the Germans, away from a Western-facing transatlantic alliance, and just did this kind of, you know, Switzerland-style foreign policy, where you’re friends with everybody, and you sell cars in Beijing and Moscow, and Riyadh and Tehran, and you paper over all the other problems.”

Grenell made some good points, perhaps the best of which was his devastating takedown of the leftist media as a gang of banana republic-like reporters.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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