Watch: The Shocking Squalor of this Leftist-Run City is Unimaginably Horrible

Leftist states, particularly the cities within them, are earning a reputation as hellholes.

New York City is full of crime and garbage, criminals roaming the street thanks to the soft on crime policies of the leftists who have run it for years now.

San Francisco and LA are both known for their “problems,” namely massive homeless populations that the city governments can’t find an effective way of dealing with, the related drug problem, and the feces seen all over their streets and sidewalks.

But one of the worst leftist cities might be Seattle, a city that has fallen firmly into the grasp of the far left. Just watch this video:

HAPPENING NOW: Just hours after a shooting on 3rd Ave in Downtown Seattle, the insanity has returned. This is the stretch between Pike/Pine St. Open air drug use, sales of all kinds of merch, trash everywhere. How is this allowed?

And this video:

“ACROSS THE STREET: For those who do not believe the madness of what’s being allowed on 3rd Ave in Downtown Seattle, this is another vantage point. Hundreds of people just taking over store fronts. No wonder businesses are leaving. Cray cray.”

The city is overrun by complete and utter squalor. Drug deals on the sidewalk. Trash, goods, drugs, and homeless strewn all about. Not a cop in sight despite the massive throng of homeless and drug dealers.

As Colorado Politics describes the problem in Seattle, it’s one of permissiveness of the government and the resulting crime that anyone would expect comes with such policies:

the result of Seattle’s permissiveness in lieu of an effective policy to deal with the rampant homeless situation, fueled by equally rampant drug use. Fetid encampments strewn with all manner of trash, human waste, rats, used needles, and other by-products of general human misery were shown in parks, alleys, open areas, along roads — virtually anywhere. Juxtaposed against these wretched scenes are the corresponding crime statistics.

The figures are arresting. Seattle’s rate of property crime is nothing less than staggering, at 5,258 per 100,000. For comparison, that is about 2,000 more per 100K than Chicago, roughly double the rate of Los Angeles, and more than three-and-one half times the rate in New York. Among the 20 major U.S. cities, only San Francisco, which pursues similar social policies as Seattle. comes in higher, at just over 6,000. (Denver, for those keeping score, falls in for the time being around the middle, at 3,667)

When police vanish, crime appears. And it’s certainly appearing here, along with all the attendant complications of anarchy.

Legitimate businesses crowded out by homeless and drug dealers, law-abiding citizens unable to walk down streets that have been taken over by criminal elements, rampant drug use and a total lack of respect for the laws.

Those are the wages of leftism, the consistent results of letting criminals do what they want and reining in the police.

If Seattle is ever to recover, it’ll first need to clean up its streets and the criminals that have taken them over.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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