Will He Become Speaker of the House? Trump Gives His Answer

During a wide-ranging interview with Just the News, an interview in which he mainly focused on the midterm elections and described how he’d stop and reverse the Biden agenda, Trump finally gave an answer on whether he’d take up Matt Gaetz on his offer and attempt to become the Speaker of the House when the GOP takes back the House in 2022.

Speaking on that idea, one that Rep. Gaetz most recently brought up during a Trump rally in Commerce, GA, Trump said:

I think that it’s not something I wanted. A lot of people bring it up. It’s brought up all the time. No, it’s not something I want to do.

I want to look at what’s happening, and then we’re going to be doing something else. No, it’s not something I would be interested in.

That response could mean two things.

The most likely meaning is just what Trump said: he doesn’t want the job, however possible it might be, and isn’t interested in trying to obtain the position.

The other explanation is that Trump is playing politics in the old style. Now wanting to appear overly vain or eager to obtain a position, an attitude very common in early American politics and why political leaders of that era would insist they weren’t running and then later would do so only at the behest of their allies, he could just be pretending he doesn’t want the position.

That doesn’t seem to be the Trump style, however. Far from being modest and bashful about his political aspirations and desire for power, he tends to be a good bit more straightforward about being after power and position.

Still, Trump’s response during the interview was a bit different than the one he gave at his rally, potentially hinting that something, some desire, perhaps, to become Speaker of the House, still lurks.

At the time of the rally, Rep. Gaetz said:

Give us the ability to fire Nancy Pelosi, take back the majority, and impeach Joe Biden, and I’m going to nominate Donald Trump for Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

“There is no greater country than America! There is no greater President than Donald J. Trump! And if you don’t mind me saying so, there is not a better member of Congress than Marjorie Taylor Greene!

Trump, responding to Rep. Gaetz after Gaetz had concluded his remarks, said “Thank you very much. Thank you, everybody. Well, that was interesting.”

That’s not an acceptance, but it’s far from saying that he has no interest in the job or intention of becoming the Speaker of the House.

Further, his response of “that was interesting” hints at what might be his real thinking on the issue: even if he doesn’t particularly want the job and instead intends on either remaining a GOP powerbroker or running in 2024, perhaps he is enticed by the idea and is at least mulling it over.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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