ACB Cheered for Shutting Down Heckler [VIDEO]

What’s a conservative to do when bombarded by far-left hecklers, as many non-woke Americans often are, particularly when dealing with college kids? Shutting them down with a brilliant response is probably the best move.

So, it’s fun to see when someone is actually able to do that. Coming up with a witty reply on the fly can be difficult, particularly during a highly-charged and emotional political event or situation.

Well, Supreme Court Justice Amy Comey Barrett did so in an amazing way when appearing at an event as a featured guest. Speaking during an event at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California on what it was like when she found out that former President Trump would nominate her to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s SCOTUS seat, she was heckled by someone in the crowd.

That ill-mannered ruffian yelled out, during Barrett’s discussion of how the media was doing something that seems to be getting dangerously close to snooping or harassment–trying to photograph her near her home–that Barrett is an “enslaver of women.

What does that mean, as ACB’s lack of human chattel means it’s likely not literal? Who knows, the phrases that leftists throw out rarely have all that much meaning and are just meant to make the conservatives in America sound like the ones that only really exist in the fever dreams of the left.

In any case, ACB responded to the heckler’s slur well, saying “Fortunately, as a mother of seven, I am used to distractions — and sometimes even outbursts.”

Watch the witty retort here:

What was smartest about ACB’s response is that she didn’t waste time arguing with the heckler or trying to argue that she was not, in fact, an “enslaver of women.” To do so would have been to accept the premise that the slur is even vaguely reasonable, which it obviously wasn’t.

Rather, she just fired back with a funny, witty response that made the heckler look ridiculous and her look more human.

Conservatives need to learn from that; when called “racist,” “sexist,” “fascist,” or any other “ist,” the proper response isn’t to deny it and then start going on about how Democrats are the real racists. That won’t convince anyone of anything and simply grants the left’s premise that you’re someone who needs to defend yourself from accusations of racism.

By just mocking leftists and making them look ridiculous, as ACB did when confronted with the heckler, you win. Her dismissive attitude, fast-thinking, and obvious humor made her look like a winner and the leftist look like a loser; that holds true in all such situations and is the way to win.

Further, it shows how to enliven a crowd. The crowd was sympathetic to ACB, yes, but it likely wouldn’t have cheered had she given a droning response; such replies aren’t exciting. But, because she fired back in the right way, the cheering crowd stood firmly with her and was enlivened by her response.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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